Platinum Games: 2019 Will Be “Intense Year” With “Various Announcements”

Acclaimed development team Platinum Games are looking forward to an intense 2019. Atsushi Inaba, Development General Manager and Executive Producer, told Japanese site 4Gamer that the company is always striving to create memorable games and that they have various announcements to share with fans over the coming year.

“Next year will be an intense year as usual. It seems like it will be a year where Platinum Games aims to step up a few steps, so I’ll do the best that I can…. If I end it with something safe like that, then my statement won’t be interesting, right? So next year we will make various announcements!”

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    1. the sams thoughts…
      but that is all…
      when i read the text, it sounds that will come a few games… but i know there will be bayonetta 3 and nothing more… one announcment with 101… finish.
      happy new eve to everybody.


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