Nintendo Shoots Down Bowsette Concept

Bowsette was an internet sensation last year but it seems that the concept won’t be fully realised by Nintendo. On the official New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe website the company said that it is only Toadette who can wear the Super Crown. The description also apologises to Luigi which is amusing.



    1. xD So desperate to keep a porno from happening with their IPs, they actually bought one such porno! That’s hilarious! Good luck to them doing that NOW what with how many people share this kind of stuff on the internet.

    1. Console kids have been kept in the dark so long they don’t know any better. They actually believe Nintendo has any say in anything :)

      Not to mention, we the PC master race are free – free to emu and mod the sh*t out of anything we want so we can even go further.

  1. Good. I’m so glad Nintendo doesn’t just do everything that’s trendy or a ridiculous meme. They have standards for themselves and their characters. They aren’t just mindlessly driven by the tide. The concept of Bowsette is weird anyway. If Nintendo wants to make a female baddy than they need to actually design a unique character cause that would be a better use of their creativity and would add to the cast. Putting out a sexy Bowser that’s just Peach is pandering in the cheapest and most boring of ways. Plus its not in the style of the games.

    1. I do agree they should create a new character instead of changing an established character to fit some “we need more female/homosexual/transgender/etc characters” agenda. It’s not only a disservice to the established characters but to your creators as you are saying you don’t think they can come up with an original character & to the fans/customers who like the characters as they already are.

  2. They didn’t shoot down the bowsette concept, they shot down bowsette through the super crown =b don’t forgot they had official bowsette concept art for Mario Odyssey. It didn’t make it into the final game as most likely they felt bowser forcefully taking over peach’e body may not have set well in the moral department for a mario game. Remember they also added little dialog quirks with talking characters to show Mario wasn’t scarring them as he possessed.. i mean “capture” them.

  3. The powerup was always intended to only apply to Toadette in gameplay. They are just confirming that is still the case for the other playable characters in gameplay.

    When the first gameplay of the new feature was shown, and the meme started, I don’t think Anyone actually believed such a character as Bowsette would actually feature in the game. Her popularity was NEVER dependant on her being “Real” or not. She was, is and ever will be a fun “what if?” concept, just as Green Dress Alpha-Bowsette was in the Odyssey concept art.

    There are many different Mario Universes, From “New” to “3D” to “RPG” to “Paper” and the Baby Mario “Yoshi”-verses.

    Just because there is a 99.999% chance Bowsette will Not appear in any kind of DLC to this game specifically … doesn’t mean some incarnation of the (undeniably ‘Popular’, despite the haters) idea might not manifest in a Future Mario Game in the future. (Oh my … the Villain of 2020s “Paper Mario: The Manic Matriarch” is Paper Princess Bowser … a totally original character that totally wasn’t inspired by aaanythiing … <..> )

    Either Way … she’s popular as a “What If?”, not a “What Is?”, and therefore will NEVER die.

    Long … Live … The QUEEN. <3 <3 <3

  4. come on nintendo no one plays mario games for the gameplay anymore. We only play mario games to see bowser turn into a waifu.

  5. Yes I’m sure this’ll stop the artists from continuing to draw her for sure

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. This article headline is misleading. Nintendo makes no mention of Bowsette, let alone shooting it down.

    Move along people, this article is ***CLICKBAIT***

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