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Monster Boy Sold 8 Times More On Switch Than The PS4 And Xbox One Combined

Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is yet another title which has showed that smaller budget titles are flourishing on the Nintendo Switch. In fact Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom on the Nintendo Switch has told 8 times as many copies on Nintendo’s latest system than both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions combined. Here’s the tweet from FDG Entertainment.

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7 thoughts on “Monster Boy Sold 8 Times More On Switch Than The PS4 And Xbox One Combined”

  1. they rather buy battlefield v and fallout 76 than a actual good game. mean while third party say there games don’t sell on Nintendo hardware. my question is how can it if its never gets release on Nintendo hardware

    1. I mean it’s not like games like Doom, Battlefield 2, or Dark Souls are particularly large sellers on Switch. Even insanely popular series like FIFA didn’t break a million sales on Switch. There are 17 games on the Switch (16 of which are from Nintendo IPs) that make up nearly 80% of all software sales on the Switch, everything else is the remaining 20%.

      Another thing to consider is that the community that plays Battlefield and other shooters like Call of Duty tend to use voice chat, party, and other multiplayer online features that the Switch doesn’t have so even if they ported those franchises to Switch, the people who play those games don’t have a Switch.

  2. Wow. The Nintendo Switch is owning it. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom might be an unfamiliar title to some, especially me, but I think (and also based from what I’ve read from its some of its players) I will have a blast playing it. Wikipedia says it’s the seventh installment of the Wonder Boy series which had two remakes. Sega is clever enough to have it also published for Switch aside from Xbox One and PlaStation 4 because they knew how the Nintendo Switch has been killing the market.

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