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Bandai Namco Announces New Dragon Ball Z Action RPG

Bandai Namco has seen plenty of success with the fairly recent Dragon Ball FighterZ. Interestingly the team has now announced that they have been busy working on an action RPG set in the fantastic world of Dragon Ball Z. More information on the game will be announced during the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour Finals which are set to be held on the 26th of January until the 27th.


  1. As long as it comes to switch I’ll be happy. It sucks that I gotta purchase the new one piece game on PS4 cus that means I most likely won’t be able to play it much.

  2. I would say I hope it’s Dragonball fusions 2, but if it was, I think they would have made it more obvious. Besides, it’s been at least a year since the original came out in the states. I have just about given up hope for another Dragonball fusions. I will keep an eye out never the less.

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