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Piranha Plant Is “Scheduled For A February 2019 Release” For Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

There have been plenty of indicators that Piranha Plant would soon be available to play in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but if it wasn’t official yet, it is most certainly official now. This is because Nintendo a released an in-game reminder about the characters. The reminder mentions that Piranha Plant is “scheduled for a February 2019 release”. Piranha Plant’s amiibo will also be released in February.



  1. It’ll take a backseat to my Kingdom Hearts series playthrough (I’m nearly finished with Sora’s story in Chain of Memories) on PS4, but I’m gonna play Smash Ultimate a couple more times again just for this guy when he finally releases.

      1. I would love to play using the hunter metroid from Metroid Prime. Then a Final Smash like the ones you mention would be cool 👍

      2. Really? This is what Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is going to give after Valentines day is over? Yeah, I heard Piranha Plant will be available starting Feb. 15. I hope I’m not overthinking but I feel like Piranha Plant is meant for those who gave up Feb. 14 for Nintendo Switch. Haha.

    1. I would have liked playing through some Kingdom Hearts myself, but buzy finalizing our YT-channel’s top games of 2018 video xP
      Which Kindom Heart is your favourite?

      1. Of the ones I’ve played so far, Kingdom Hearts 2 hasn’t been topped yet, but I’m highly expecting KH3 to do just that. Of course, my opinion may change before I even get to KH3 if Birth by Sleep is able to top KH2.

        Awesome helmet, by the way!

    1. I believe there is no download code. If you already registered your gold points to My Nintendo (or bought it digitally, which does it automatically), then you should automatically get Piranha Plant when it releases next month. Or maybe they’ll give us a code when it releases.

  2. I mean, MAYBE I wanted this guy? I definitely don’t recall wishing for him but maybe I’ve wanted him all along.

  3. Am I the only one who thinks that piranha plant will be interesting?
    I got excited when I saw the trailer.

  4. I presume February 15th as that’s when the Piranha Plant (as well as King K. Rool and Ice Climbers) amiibo releases. I’ve got all three preordered and my wallet is ready.

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