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Japan: Nintendo Recruiting For The Next Legend Of Zelda Game

Nintendo is currently busy looking for recruits to work on the next game in the beloved The Legend of Zelda series. The company is looking for developers who have experience designing different terrain including dungeons, and also a level designer for game events, dungeons and enemies etc. It is not clear whether this is for the next Legend of Zelda game on the Nintendo Switch, or if it is to do with the Zelda mobile game.


18 thoughts on “Japan: Nintendo Recruiting For The Next Legend Of Zelda Game”

  1. I just heard that Nintendo of America’s Head of Nintendo Third-Party Relations Damon Baker resigned to work for Microsoft and their Xbox. ( Is this one of the reasons why Nintendo is recruiting for qualified Next Legend Of Zelda Game developers? How about the developer team involved in the creation of Breath of the Wild? They made a successful game. What happened to them?

    1. Why would you think he would have had anything to do with The Legend of Zelda? Not related in any way. He liases with third parties to get them on to the system, nothing to do with developing games.

      1. I was thinking Damon had men under him who also worked with the making of BOTW. When he resigned, he took these men with him, thus resulting to the sudden hiring of new developers. I really find it odd that this happened right when Damon is out of NoA.

    2. As for what happened to the dev team behind BOTW, they will almost certainly be involved in the next Zelda game but you still need new people to help work on a new game. It takes a huge number of people to make a game that big.

    3. Damon bakers nothing to do with the development of botw or any games for that matter. His job role was purely for liaising with 3rd party’s for Nintendo support.

    4. Damon has nothing to do with this. The BOTW crew is still very much intact but I’m guessing Nintendo wants to increase the team size… Especially considering that about 70 people from that team were from Monolith, who are now fully at work on their new IP.
      Also, it could be that they are recruiting for a mobile game, but I highly doubt that since they still have things good with DeNA.

    5. Most studios tend to have their core team that usually work on their IP’s. Nintendo EPD is usually the studio in charge of Zelda, and while they will be developing the next Zelda, they also hire rogue developers that work under contracts. Now once the contract is filled, they they move on.

      IGN usually reports on huge layoff but it’s mostly always a game being finished and these developers moving on in mass amounts.

      It has nothing to do with Baker moving on.

  2. They should already be well into making this and most certainly need the same team as botw, but yeah you need to keep bringing in new people and new ideas etc.
    Hopefully will get another botw type game, but would also love a top down to tie over until then like lbw as that was really good!

  3. cannot wait for zelda a links transitioning apparently link transitions to linkle in this new one and he travels the world as a lady,she sits on horse back both legs over one side,does a litle kink with her leg when gliding it looks so super..and has a new PROTEST ABILLITY apparently the protesting is so strong it even frightens bowser and he aint even in zelda games

    there’s internal argument’s to the games final name its either zelda a links transition or zelda did you miss gender mii or a trannys tail

  4. Was hoping they would recycle BOTW to create a new game or spin off game, kind of like what they did with Twilight Princess & Link’s CrossBow Training or Zelda OOT & Zelda MM.
    BOTW is too big of a game to not build off of, it would just feel too wasteful — i mean comon’, Nintendo already has bunch of ports (which are essentially recycled assets), so why not do something the BOTW content???

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