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Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Update Available

Along with the recent Nintendo Switch system update, which brought the system to Version 7.0.0, comes a new Joy-Con update that needs to be applied manually by Switch owners. To update your Joy-Con controllers you need to do the following:

  • Visit the “Controllers and Sensors” tab, then head down to “Update Controllers”. 



  1. Wow. This is cool. After the Switch’s firmware update comes its Joy-Con controllers update. I’m guessing the Joy-Con controllers didn’t work well with the updated system of the Switch; hence, an update was also necessary. I wonder when will Nintendo consider adding themes, eshop Music and a messaging system.

    1. Why would you need that many? If you actually gather enough people to do 8-player Smash and each person uses 2, that’s 16 joy-cons. If you do a tournament you can just pass them along!

  2. my thumb pads were slightly off, moving left and right on there own evry now and then. i hope this fixes it!!

    1. A friend and I had the same issue once they became about a year old. A bit of compressed air under the stick flap fixed them both. The stick sensor seems to get dusty and not register properly.

  3. Back in December, I said on one post, that my left Joy-con (or right one I think) was automatically moving down when not touching it. I’ve had my Switch for a year and a half and a few months ago it started that problem. Hopefully this will fix it. I really doubt it though. I hope Nintendo is listening.

    1. Mine was doing the same thing, send it off for repair. They’ll try and charge for it but just point out that its a software fault and its covered by warranty.

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