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Nintendo Understandably Says “We Have Nothing To Announce On This Topic” When Asked About Switch Mini

You have probably all seen by now that a report from The Nikkei said that Nintendo is looking to launch a smaller and cheaper Nintendo Switch system this year. The device will have an emphasis on portability. Ars Technica reached out to Nintendo to enquire about the Nintendo Switch mini and was understandably told the following:

In response to our questions, Nintendo sent a brief statement: “We have nothing to announce on this topic.”

Ars Technica


35 thoughts on “Nintendo Understandably Says “We Have Nothing To Announce On This Topic” When Asked About Switch Mini”

    1. That basically means nothing, they’re only saying they arent announcing something right now. They may or may not be working on something.

      1. When they said “we have nothing to announce on this topic” when asked about switch mini but they do have an announcement saying “we have nothing to announce on this topic”. Confused? Anyway, if Switch Mini does happen, I think it’ll make a nice gift for kids. It would be nice to see it with longer battery life, better D-Pad, have folders system, personalized wallpapers and a voice chat system. What do you think?

  1. Don’t bother! Put full focus into making more games, improving the switch home menu, update eshop, themes, online, SNES & N64 games etc

  2. Nintendo said sometime ago that they don’t have any plans of releasing another Switch successor / a new version of the Switch any time soon. There probably will not be a Switch Mini.

        1. It would require a lot of work to implement 3DS backward compatibility. Work that could end up not seeing a big enough return on considering the Switch is selling fine without it.

    1. The only problem with that is, of course, the lack of a second screen.

      Then again, they could divide the screen like they did with the Wii U’s DS virtual console.

      1. I am sure the switch cannot use the tv and switch as separate screens. because it needs to be docked for it to be on a tv screen. At best, they could cut the screen into 2 but that means tv’s would be sideways. or badly divided. At worst, you can use only 1 screen at a time like ios ports of DS games

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  4. They already have the system with emphasis to portable.
    Just sell Switch without dock for 210$
    They played it too safe with the Switch, but hopefully they can see what they did right, and what to build from when they design their next console or revision.
    In my opinion, they should just stick with Switch.
    Make sure everything is backwards and forwards compatible, when they plan on releasing Switch 2 or what ever revision.
    Switch does not need to be any smaller or any larger, but there are some improvements that could be made.

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  6. Ya know, I really didn’t know how much I wanted 3DS backwards compatibility until reading through this comment section, but now that the idea’s in my head, oh, man, do I REALLY wanna see them somehow implement that!

    Regardless, a Switch mini makes more sense than a Switch or a beefed up New Nintendo 3DS-style Switch because making a bigger, badder Switch would piss off a LOT of current Switch owners, who would feel upset that they would have to pay AGAIN for the bigger, badder version of something they already owned, some of them since launch.

    Mainly, me. I would feel upset.

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  9. why would anyone need a nintendo switch mini? no one asked for this! now if youre talkijg a hardware upgrade, ill be ok with that! not a size downgrade tho, I mean,isnt the joycon small enough??

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  11. Or they could just have Gamefreak work on another Pokemon Title, , have Platinum work on W102.and Bayonetta 4, work on next Metroid once the one that they are working on is complete. If they did this, Nintendo wouldn’t have to worry about th Ps5, Ps5 pro or Ps6.

  12. Also since according to Ubisoft, Mario-Rabbis sold so well , wouldn’t common sense tell you to work on a Sequel Immediately to keep up momentum in sales for the software and hardware? Duh. It d9esnt make any sense why every 1.5 years we have to buy another console because developers cant work on a sequel immediately? So it’s now in order to play sequels, you got to pay at least $350 now.

  13. Here are a lost of games that should had been worked on Immediately for sequels
    Rayman Legends
    Pikmin 4
    Animal Crossing
    Metroid Prime
    Bayonetta 4
    Wonderful 102
    Donkey Kong 3D game
    Donkey Kong 2D game
    Mario 2D
    Mario 3D
    Luigi Mansion 4(after 3 debuts)
    Another Yarn Yoshi immediately
    Mario Kart 9

    If Nintendo worked on these games immediately instead of waiting every 12 years then the Switch wouldn’t need any facelifts at 1.4 years old.

  14. Also Zelda tittle included to be worked on immediately. Got to pay at least $350 to play a sequel now. Pitiful. Banjo-kazooie and Tooie came out on the same console.

    Mario All Stars and Mario World came out on the same console

    Galaxy 1 and 2 debuted on the same console

    Pikmin 1 and 2 debuted on the same console

    Resident Evil 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 debuted on the same console

    Pokemon Snap, Stadium and Stadium 2 came out on the same console.

    Zelda Ocarina of time and Majora’s Mask debuted on the same console.

    As a result those generation consoles didnt need a power boost every 1.5 years. Their software kept the momentum going.

    Gamecube had 2 Mario Kart games.
    Now developers want to take a 7 to 10 year break so we have to pay $350 everytime we want to play a sequel.

  15. And why didnt Ubisoft give Wii U a Raymand Lengends 2 or for the Switch? But they can release 6 “Let’s Dance tittles. But they cant make a Mario Rapids and Raymand zlefend sequels.

  16. When Smash Bros Ultimate debuted in December the Switch sales sky rocketed. So common sense would tell you , why pay to update a console every 1.5years and just push your employees to make games immediately. That way the next console wont be rushed because of the Wii u sales were terrible.

    And when Nintendo does debut the next console, stop making the console just a little more powerful than the last generation consoles and think estimate how powerful the future console needs to be?

    Trine already on their 4th Sequel bout to over lap Pikmin.

  17. And when Nintendo does debut the next console, stop making the console just a little more powerful than the last generation consoles and think estimate how powerful the future console needs to be? That’s why Sony can still sell both PS4 and PS4 pro. Because when PS4 was in R&D they estimate how powerful it needed to be to be the best seller. While when Wii U was in R&D Nintendo just thought about making it a bit more powerful than Xbox 360 and PS3 as if the next Xbox and Ps4 wasnt in R&D.

    That was stupid.

  18. Which is fine. Here is how the concept stands; The only reason for a smaller Switch would be for the reason of portability. If I wear my athletic shorts, my pockets are just barely deep enough to put my entire Switch into it, although uncomfortably. However, to achieve a Switch that was effective to carry around (inferring pocket portability), the Switch would need to drastically be reduced in size. I have an IPhone 6S Plus, and my phone is just a tad smaller than the Switch tablet screen is alone. And this is not taking into consideration the thickness of the Switch. For a console to process the games at the same quality (even if the technical pixel count is reduced), it would still need a decent processor. As well, even if the JoyCons were attached to the unit of the Switch (rather than allowing the ability to take them off like on the normal Switch), it would still be too thick in its realistic state. The 3DS was made for portability (referencing its clamshell design which both protected the screens and the buttons, and also allowed for a compact size), thus allowing it to be a very popular portable console. The Switch just wasnt made for that. The analog sticks are open-faced, meaning that they would easily get caught on your pockets. Also, I would just be afraid of general damage to them, being bent in your pocket. Lets take the PS Vita for instance. I owned one for a short time. It was never really pocket-portable. Even as much as I tried, and analog sticks always seemed uncomfortable, and the PS Vita was still too large (in thickness and length). To assume that a Switch Mini would somehow alleviate these issues seems unlikely. Yes, possible, but unlikely. And considering the only benefit to a Switch Mini would be price reduction and portability, it seems like a waste to me. Everyone complains that the Switch is too expensive, and yet every other console on the market is just as expensive, if not more. The argument seems unneeded. And as I already covered, the portability would not change very much just because of the general design of the Switch. It just isnt made for extremely easy portability. Not that it is an issue normally. I take my Switch with me all the time. It requires a case, but I can take it around. I do, however, hate lugging around the case everywhere I go. Thats the one thing I loved about the 3DS. Now I know that some people dont care either way. Leaving it to just be a price issue. For Nintendo to make a cheaper, less-effective model of their console for cheaper seems less effective than making a slightly more expensive and more powerful unit. They did that same idea with the 3DS. They never made a 3DS Mini, they made a more powerful and exciting model. The 2DS was the only technical exception to this. The only reason it was cheaper was because it lost the 3D ability, however it lost its portability. I guess, in the end, we will see which path Nintendo goes with. Maybe they will make both. A Mini and a Deluxe.

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