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Civilization VI On Nintendo Switch Exceeded Expectations And More Support Coming

Games Industry has published Take-Two’s third quarter revenue. The site says that the company has exceeded its targets and they are thoroughly impressed with sales of Civilisation VI for the Nintendo Switch. The firm says the game “significantly exceeded expectations” and that they will continue to support the platform with games that they believe will fit with the system.

“We felt good about the platform and we put the titles on Switch that we felt were going to perform well. We are excited about continuing to support the Switch for the right kind of properties.”


16 thoughts on “Civilization VI On Nintendo Switch Exceeded Expectations And More Support Coming”

    1. I agree. Civilization VI wasn’t making too much noise and had like a quiet release but still managed to bring home the bacon. I hope this well targeted third party game gets genuine support.

    1. why is EA so important to you? It’s like living in a city without McDonalds and always emphasizing how there’s no McDonalds around. There’s enough other trash you can buy for the Switch already. I don’t even hate EA, they’re just so good at ruining good studios that I’m almost glad they aren’t supporting the Switch any better. I mean they also change the formula of all brands they swallow in a way that makes these brands completely uninteresting to me. They’re like a movie studio, that buys a Kubrik-Franchise and turns it into a Michael Bay one. So I really don’t get why people keep mentioning them. They’re big, yes, but that’s pretty much everything.

      1. Firstly I think its ideal for EA to be being taught a lesson because they will not be in a position to make demands like they made on Wii U when Switch’s successor comes out. EA might be losing power but they still have a wide variety Nintendo do not offer and while I do not care for most of their games a large fraction still do and Nintendo more than anybody do not want to see game after game EA make pass them by. Look at Burnout Paradise and Unravel Two for example, those are games I would buy on Switch.

        I agree what they do to developers is bad but some of the bigger names saw it coming as the transition happened (Alex Ward of Criterion and the Bioware heads for example). On the other hand developers are not blameless in the matter as they make the games themselves and if they are still working at DICE then yes, they are as guilty as EA for micro transactions since they program the games to have them.

        The developers are as bad as EA themselves. Do not forget that.

    1. This. I refuse to buy the game without it’s DLC. I know Civ V was a completely different, and crappy, game before the DLC. Civ games are always meh at launch, and then become a proper game with the DLC… I honestly have no F**king clue why they wouldn’t bundle in the already released DLC, instead of releasing an inferior version of the game on switch. They just decided they didn’t want money from people like me.

  1. Well good thing ppl bought it cus I haven’t had the chance. Too much other stuff to play I’ve never played a civilization game but always wanted to try. At least it performed well.

  2. Euro Truck Simulator 2 for Switch PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE!!!!!!!! (With DLC of course included like the Going East/Scandanavia,Italy and the new Baltic map.

  3. I dare you Nintendo of Japan to take on ETS2! You don’t want anybody to think your all………………..chicken do you?

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