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Video: Nintendo Switch Online NES February 2019 Update Trailer

Nintendo has announced the next two games that will be added to the Nintendo Switch Online NES library. On February 13th, you will be able to play Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kirby’s Adventure. As always, the announcement of a Nintendo Switch Online NES update comes with a trailer that showcases gameplay of both games, so we’ve included it for you down below.


31 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Switch Online NES February 2019 Update Trailer”

  1. These last two months has been so dry I wouldn’t be surprise if stocks drop because investor are getting cold feet about nintendo having to announce any new games or release dates for the spring and summer time

    1. the stocks going deeper underground.
      the switch had hisbestyear already… because of the flop from the u a lot the ports was new for the most players…but know there are not a lot more games to port (starfox… 101…. pikmin…) and no new ganes except pokemon and yoshi. so there is no future…

      1. Sure there is but Nintendo is staying silent for now. They must act quite soon and they will to ease the investors and the consumers.

      2. Still it’s quite ridiculous that we get 2-3 NES games a month when Wii had such good virtual console, classic games service.

      3. I think your being way to dramtic there switch got most of it sales from new games last year like smash ultimate, super mario party, and project octopath and many more. ports was just use for the dry months if you think pokemon and yoshi are the only titles of 2019 I have to say you are being quite selective since we have games coming this year on the switch that is
        -Animal Crossing
        -Fire eblem
        -Crash nitro team racing
        -Mortal combat 11
        And many more that I couldn’t Im literally only interest in like one title in this list so even I know that even if nintendo is this quiet I’m not as desperate to say there is no future

      4. @havefaith

        i dont have faith anymore.
        Can you remember at the E3 last year.
        They hade nothing… really nothing to show and tell
        except SMB…
        they will fall hard.

  2. Epic! I visited the comment section in Youtube and no one seems to care about the next day after Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kirby’s adventure become available on NES. I guess that’s how Nintendo shows us some love this February. The gamers win!

  3. wau… 2 games.
    till end of the year we got maybe 16 nes games (that mostly no ones wonts) and 4 snes games.
    mario world… pilot wings… f-zero… tetris attac ;-)

  4. Wow Nintendo has come a long way. I remember getting my first NES gaming system when Mario bros first came out. Needless to say I stopped playing outside for a while.

  5. Looks like they’ve dropped it to 2 a month as standard now. Thought it was just a one off last month because there was a Japan only release but they’re doing it again. Not sure how this fits in with them wanting to make NS Online more attractive to people. Nintendo are great but I have to say the online is a big disappointment. I’m not even into online gaming that much but when it was announced at the Switch event in 2017 that they were doing a paid online service and the fact it took a year and a half to come out I expected more. It should have basic features like messaging and voice chat and we should be getting more than 2 NES games every month. It’s very lacklustre and I’m not sure why they think this is a worthwhile service. It’s been out for 6 months now and hasn’t changed one bit, except dropping from 3 to 2 NES games, they’re too slow to react. It’s telling that only 8 million of the 32 million + Switch owners are using the service.

      1. Naaw, he’s right. NOBODY WANTS THIS CRAP!! See? You gotta let NINTENDO know this whole idea of releasing 2 to 4 NES games per month (&most are so called “SP” edition meaning your getting the same game twice) is retarded!!
        Never thought I’d be seeing the Wii & Wii U virtual console blows away The SWITCHS. Smh…& for the record I’ve played both SMB2 (Doki, Doki Panic) & KIRBY & they’re both fun great titles. But what Nintendo is doing is inexcusable.

        So by all means, don’t just take this lying diwn- COMPLAIN ABOUT IT!!

        1. Ease up on the language. Anyway I do agree the service is crap but I can’t lie. I want that damn Kirby. Would be nice if I could permantly have the games on the system tho. It would be sick if in the the future. When the service ends, you got to keep all the games… NOT gonna happen lol

  6. Most of the online nes games I have on my 3ds anyway and same goes for when they eventually get round to the SNES games.
    We need n64 and gc games for this to be any good.
    This is more worth wile if your a teenager to be honest as I have all the old consoles anyway myself. Most younger gamers might not of experienced these games, but then it’d be hard for them to get into these games as they are to used to modern gaming.

      1. Exactly, but back in the mid/late 80s it was a cool gaming system to own.
        I remember my friends coming to call for me and if I’d just got a new game, ld be like, “ I won’t be out for a couple days as I got a new game for my nes”.
        I played Mario 3 till nearly 4 in the morning when it came out.
        Great memories!

      2. Lmao yea NES is too old for me. SNES is better, but I’ve played all the games I want to play to death already. N64 and GameCube are the only games I would want to play and that doesn’t look like it will ever happen so I basically just have the service for smash online since I dropped rocket league when smash came out.

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  8. I still want to buy and own virtual Console games on the Switch and always have them even when away from online.

  9. What in the hell, what trash

    Buy now they should have almost all new games and partly through snes with n64 and Gameboy coming in summer… is going on in the online department? Everyone should be fired.

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