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Hollow Knight Physical Release Seems To Be Happening As Rated By ESRB

Hollow Knight was initially going to get a physical release, but that fell through. It now seems that there’s hope for fans who want a physical copy of the game as acclaimed indie game has now been rated by the ESRB. Digital games aren’t required to have a ESRB rating which means that it should hopefully be coming soon to retail.



  1. Took them long enough. This game was the main reason I even started paying attention to indie games in the first place.
    I bought so many physical indie games from limited printing companies that came out way after Hollow Knight went to consoles digitally. This should have been the first damn indie game that got a physical retail version.

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      1. You guys took the words right out of my mouth! We could all use a brilliant indie metroidvania right now. Hollow Knight is no doubt one. I’m a glad that a hard copy is finally going to be available. Cheers everyone!


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