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Video: Sakurai Was Asked To Join Oculus To Make Virtual Reality Games

Liam Robertson and the Did you Know Gaming have been at it again discovering and producing videos about previously unreported aspects of the video game industry. The latest video reveals that the beloved Masahiro Sakurai, who is the creator of the Kirby and Super Smash Bros series, was asked by American technology firm Oculus if he would like to join their team to create cutting edge virtual reality games. Obviously he decided to decline the offer and continue his work alongside Nintendo.

23 thoughts on “Video: Sakurai Was Asked To Join Oculus To Make Virtual Reality Games”

  1. Good man!
    You have a huge fan base and Nintendo is where your heart is.
    I love your work and am grateful for your hard work and commitment to Nintendo!
    Smash ultimate is one of the best games I’ve ever played!

      1. Indeed! Masahiro Sakurai is one of the most respected game designers. I wager he’s going to add the fun elements we all love in Kirby and Super Smash Bros. series to make the VR experience more immersive. It’s about time someone of his caliber shows Oculus how it’s done.

    1. I myself have yet to delve in VR. Call me old fashioned (or just old) but I like to chill on the couch with a remote in hand instead of moving my head all over the place and knocking things over lol. About the only VR experience I’d like to try though is racing games.

        1. Lol, I do have and like drive club! I haven’t tried the vr though but I likely won’t after your advice lol. I do want to try GT Sport but I’m just afraid of buying the VR thing and trying GT and thinking it’s cool for a couple times and then not bothering with it cuz I wouldn’t want to strap all the gear and wires just to play then tear it all down when I’m done lol.

  2. If him & his family are happy with the money he makes working for Nintendo as a contract employee, I don’t blame him for declining Oculus’ offer. But if he’s not happy with the money, nor is his family, why in the hell would you turn them down!? If it’s out of some loyalty for Nintendo, he’s a fool. Pretty sure that’s called blind loyalty.

      1. There’s no doubt about it that VR is gona be the future of gaming, but right here, right now it’s not ready and hasn’t hit the sweet spot, and it’s gona be a few years before it does.
        Hopefully when VR is a big hit and a norm for home gaming Nintendo and Sakurai will still be a team.
        Bring on virtual smash. ( how, I don’t know, but Nintendo will find a way )!

      2. It’s a niche but that’s mainly been because of the higher cost of entry.

        Conceptually, Nintendo has pretty much made VR games for the Wii and Wii U. Just the other day I opened up Wario Ware, Wii Party U, and Nintendo Land for the first time since my brother got a Vive and Occulus Go and the way games were designed for both is pretty much identical. Most games that used the Wii remotes heavily (ie. Wii Sports) pretty much all have the same scale as VR games but with far less accurate controls. For example, Water Runners from Wii Party U was a decent concept for a non-HMD VR game but the fact that it didn’t actually know the position of the Gamepad and Wii Remotes made it too exploitable.

        There’s also a lot of VR games that use asymmetric gameplay since the VR player has their own screen that the others can’t see and that was obviously a selling point of the Wii U.

        So it’s all there and we’ve all been very exposed to VR concepts but it’s just been a matter of the hardware being inadequate to really make the concepts mesh well as well as they could.

  3. “cutting edge virtual reality games” lol!
    1. AAA games
    2. Indie games
    3. Classic games
    4. Fanmade games
    5. Educational games
    6. ???
    7. Mobile games
    8. VR games

  4. “Sakurai looked back at the Virtual Boy™ and remembered all the good things that came from it. He remembered going over to his grandparents house and all the good times he had playing the Virtual Boy™ with them. He looked at Oculus as a tear streamed down his face. Those times were all figments of his imagination. He had no living grandparents who loved him enough to play the failed Virtual Reality console with. In this timeline Sakurai knew his destiny was to make people forget about the tragedy that was the Virtual Boy™. Sakurai told Oculus ‘No.’ and he became the king of Dreamland.”

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