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Rumour: UK Retailer Base Lists Possible Release Dates For Big Nintendo Switch Games

Base, which is a UK online retailer, may have revealed the release dates for three big Nintendo Switch games in 2019. The retailer has put up listings and dates for Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and Daemon X Machina. Nintendo has yet to announce release dates for all three titles, so these should be marked as a rumour until we hear from the Kyoto-based company.

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Thanks to TheInvisible1 for the tip!

32 thoughts on “Rumour: UK Retailer Base Lists Possible Release Dates For Big Nintendo Switch Games”

      1. Wow. Just Wow. It’s crazy to see Daemon X Machina, Animal Crossing, and Luigi’s Mansion 3 all coming out this year. I also heard that there will be a new Pokemon title. Anyway, I’m excited this fall for one of my all-time fav social simulation video game!

  1. Could make sense. Heard about a rumour that gives us a few release dates for some games:

    March: Yoshi’s Crafted World
    April: Fire Emblem: Three Houses
    May: Daemon X Machina
    June: Super Mario Maker 2
    July: Luigi’s Mansion 3
    August: Pikmin 3
    September: Animal Crossing

    1. I hope this is so true. Fire emblem at Spring is perfect. Yoshi ain’t gonna carry me until summer so.
      And Pikmin in summer time can’t be any better. Nobody wants Pikmin in winter time, we want Pikmin playing outside on the Switch !!

      1. Yeah I’m not a fan of Pikmin but I agree with you on Fire Emblem and Yoshi.
        For the Summer I’m gonna play through the Spyri Trilogy for Switch which got leaked today thanks to Gamestop. It’s due on August 16th.

  2. Upon its reveal, Animal Crossing had its release planned for Q1 2019, right? Or maybe it was worded as Spring of 2019. I haven’t heard of it being pushed back, so I hope September is wrong.

    1. I didn’t think there was any chance for animal crossing to come out that early in the year. It’s too large of a title to drop without a few months to build the hype. There are a ton of people that are waiting for this game and it will be a major title.

      1. I agree.

        It would have been awesome to have Animal Crossing released early this year. But it did get announced around the end of 2018 and as you mentioned, it needs a few months to build hype.

        But at least they can add some extra polish to the game now that they have more time to work on it.

    2. There was no plan for it, once again just people talking about an early release.
      Make it easier for yourself and stop believing every rumour you see.

    3. Animal crossing switch planned released was stated as just 2019 its always been that way your thinking of fire eblem and yoshi since there were spring 2019 titles

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  4. The thing with game companies is that thy tend to post release dates way later until finalization time. For example, the Smash DLC dates are set on the Switch to be years away from now in the e-Shop when they are scheduled to all be released before the end of this year.

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  16. Here’s hoping for a February Direct!
    Here’s hoping for Metroid Prime Trilogy HD!
    Here’s hoping for Mario Maker 2!
    Here’s hoping for Pikmin Trilogy HD!
    Here’s hoping for Pikmin 4!
    Here’s hoping for Super Mario 3D World Deluxe!
    If we get all of those, it will be a long direct.

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