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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Will Arrive On The Nintendo Switch On July 26th

It’s official. Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on July 26th. This news came from a very jam-packed Nintendo Direct. Nintendo’s official announcement tweet can be seen down below.

13 thoughts on “Fire Emblem: Three Houses Will Arrive On The Nintendo Switch On July 26th”

      1. I agree. With patience comes greatness. Like how Metroid Prime 4 will not disappoint us after waiting again (I hope so, I’m counting on you Retro Studios!), Fire Emblem: Three Houses will definitely compensate for all the delay.

      2. Less being impatient – more seeing it from a business standpoint.
        IS didn’t give us any information as to why they delay it, how far it’s gone e.g.
        They gave us some informations first at E3 which was a long time after the announcement in 2017.
        At the same time they’re sure busy working on their Heroes stuff (which is good publicity and all) – however ppl that don’t care about that game, such as myself feel it’s kind of necessary that they don’t stay silent and talk to us, the fanbase, the consumer, and their support. They should’ve done a developer update like with Prime IV, same could be say with the delays for Bayo3 (we got information at the direct), Shin Megami Tensei V and they should’ve done it with Yoshi.

        Once again – I’m not hating, I’m a lifelong fan of FE, played my first back when I was 13, now I’m 21.

      1. Bruh it wasn’t meant to be any hate behind it – check my replay on the guy above if you want to hear my opinion.

  1. Not sure how I feel about being a teacher and sending my students to battle. It’s an odd story to get behind. I’m sure the game play itself is phenomenal and the underlying story is great.

    1. M8 I got you covered. Remember the 3 houses within the school thing? Each of them represents a different country, which means the school is neutral. The story will probably revolve around war stirring up, with you and your gang of students trying to resolve it as the neutral party.

      Im curious to say the least.

      1. Hell yeah, a pack of teenagers once again, fighting in a war and saving(?) the world.
        Even Fates had more mature characters (Gregor e.g.)
        And I really liked the conclusion of older characters in Echoes (Mycen, Nomah, Saber, Valbar, Kamui, Tatiana and Zeke)

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