Ubisoft Planning To Launch 3-4 AAA Games Between April 2019 To March 2020

The Ubisoft conference call took place today and the company stated that they are currently planning to launch 3-4 large budget titles during the next fiscal year. That’s from April 2019 until March 2020. The company wouldn’t give any hints as to what the games are, but hopefully at least one will be another Ubisoft and Nintendo collaboration. I’m sure we will find out at E3 2019 in June.


    1. Rumor has it that Assassin’s Creed will be out in 2020. What I’m hoping for is Watch Dog 3. It would be nice if it’s one of the AAA Games that Ubisoft will Launch. I had a great gaming experience with WD2 but it would have been much better if Ubisoft added the first game’s gunplay.

    1. Sometimes games are not ready to be announced even if they are already years into development. Reasons vary but in general remember: making games is hard, and people expect sequels every 2-3 years wich makes the dev cycle a hard one.
      on other scenarios:
      Speciially a big company like ubisoft might finish a base game and keep it shelved for months till the time is right for release. Not common but it can happen.

    1. Yes more than likely. Too bad it w9nt be a Mario Rabbids 2 or a Rayman Legends 2 built from the ground up on the Switch. Ubisoft said Wii U version sold the best so why didnt they work on a sequel immediately exclusive to the Switch? Developers are getting dumber and dumber every year. If a developer makes a video game and makes a lot of sales, wouldn’t common sense tell you to make a sequel immediately to maintain momentum?

      Toad’s Treasure Tracker
      DK Tropical Freeze
      Rayman Legends
      Mario Rabbids
      Starfox(never had a real sequal just a rehashed story from 64 unless you include Starfox Adventures).
      Mario Maker

      Why didnt these developers make sequels?

      How much yall wanna bet Gamefreak wont make a Sequel to Pokemon for the Switch immediately?

      It would sell good probability top 3 best Nintendo Switch games on the Switch. But Gamefreak isnt going to make a sequel until 2025. Watch.

  1. What it wont be is
    Mario Rappids 2
    Rayman Legends 2

    We know that. They still got to finish their 8year break before a sequal.

    More likely “Let’s Dance 74” and AC

  2. I have to give Xbox some credit, at least Microsoft AAA can make games immediately. Ubisoft more like “Lazysoft” only thing they can make immediately is “Let’s Dance.” Where is Watch Dogs 2?

    1. When was the last one then? Strange statement to make when Xbox has had hardly any first party exclusives for the last few years.

  3. I have to give the producers of Bayonetta to had made Bayonetta 3 immediately to come out close enough from Bayonetta 2. Nintendo needs to learn a thing or two about long break periods between games.

    I want Toad’s Treasure Tracker 2. But the game has to be old like Luigi’s Mansion 2 in order for a Sequel to debut. That’s just how lazy Nintendo developers are. I want Pikmin 4. Now Trine franchise is soon going to over lap Pikmin. I been asking for Pikmin 4 for 4 years. People been asking for Mario Kart 9. But obviously they dodnt make Mario Kart 9 immediately because if they did then Mario Kart 8 deluxe wouldn’t had existed.

    1. Games aren’t made overnight mate and they only have so many teams to assign projects to… Pikmin 4 is coming, I can assure you of that, but it’s unrealistic to expect it immediately after the last one.

      1. Here is the thing, even if it takes time to make a game and arent made over night. If they had worked on it immediately then it would be sooner rather than 8 to 10 years later. Example obviously they made Pikmin 2 immediately the gap of years between 1 and 2 are closer together compared to Pikmin 3 and 4. Why is that? Because they didnt work on Pikmin 4 immediately. That’s why.

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