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Respawn Would Love To Bring Apex Legends To Nintendo Switch

Apex Legends from Respawn and EA has been amassing huge player numbers and at present the game now has 25 million players and 2 million concurrent users in just a week which is incredible. Eurogamer caught up with Apex Legends lead producer Drew McCoyΒ and asked him about a Nintendo Switch and mobile version of the fast-paced battle royale game. McCoy told the site they would love to have Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch, but there’s “nothing [they] can currently talk about”


32 thoughts on “Respawn Would Love To Bring Apex Legends To Nintendo Switch”

    1. Me too if EA drops the whole loot box thing. I could use a breath of fresh air from the whole Fortnite and PUBG thing. Battle Royale games are all the rage. Speaking of Battle Royale games, Ring of Elysium is really great as well.

    2. Would they have to port it then cus I’m pretty sure it runs on the Source Engine which I have no idea how in the fuck they managed to pull off considering it’s such a dated engine.

    1. I don’t see the hype for battle Royale either. Gave fortnite a try and couldn’t get into it. But it caters to a different crowd, it’s slower paced. It’s just a different type of gameplay u can’t go into it thinking fast paced shoot em up.

      1. Pubg Mobile is free and dare i say it, extremely pleasing and fun. It is literally the only mobile game I remotely care for.

        And as someone who rather enjoys the genre, I dont get all the hate for it. You could just ignore it and NOT get pissy over a game you dont like, that OTHER people might enjoy. Its not going anywhere yet.

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  2. Played it on other console and it feels and looks like a high end iPhone generic shooter game.

    Fornite is way more fun and better looking. The gun sounds is so hyperbole compared to the nice BAM you get
    from Dolby Digital out of Fortnite revolver.

    But since Fornite is kinda child like easy gameplay, they both suck, just fortnite is way better.

    Peace out and donate If you want more reviews from me.

  3. i swear 50% of the people on this site only live to spread negativity. It disgusts me reading most of the comments on this site. Whether it be pure ignorance, failed troll attempts, unnecessary hate, etc.

    1. Didn’t you know? EA acquired Respawn after Titanfall 2. The same day they announced the acquisition the promised us Titanfall 3. Then they scrapped TF3(confirmed) and came with this F2P BR lootbox thingy instead. I’m quite angry since Titanfall IP is my favourite shooter of all time, and instead of getting titans we get BR… it’s a good one, but I don’t like BR.

  4. Would be cool to see it run on Switch. Like the rest of the Titanfall games, it runs on the Source engine, which I do believe don’t have a representation on Switch with any big title (might have something, but I’m currently unaware of any titles).

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