Bayonetta 2 Director Yusuke Hashimoto Has Left PlatinumGames

Yusuke Hashimoto is known for his work on multiple PlatinumGames titles, including Bayonetta 2 and Star Fox Zero. However, it seems that his time with PlatinumGames is over. This is because Hashimoto has announced on his Twitter account that, after 13 years at the company, he has had “my last day at PlatinumGames”. It is unknown how much impact his departure has had on Bayonetta 3, which is still in development. His official tweet is down below.


  1. This was a sudden turn of events. It shouldn’t be that painful if he’s finished his part for Bayonetta 3, or done enough to make the development less of a struggle for the other guys. PlatinumGames is a congregation of skilled people so I’m not crying over a spilled milk here. However, if Bayo3 doesn’t deliver like Bayo2 and/or surpass it, I may have something to point my finger to.

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  2. Hmm curious.

    Guess it depends on whether or not he returned as director for Bayonetta 3. If he didn’t, then there might not be much change. If he was directing though, maybe Kamiya will step in.


    1. Not a lot I would imagine. I’m sure he was involved with it somewhere along the line but Bayo 3 is directed by Hideki Kamiya so it would be more disruptive if it was him leaving.


  3. See how Concerned Nintendo fans are about Platinum staff… It’s almost like A key figure left Nintendo.

    Could we get this kind of reaction if someone left EA or Capcom? I wonder


  4. Bayo 1 was better. Last part og Bayo 2 wasn’t nearly as good as the first part of the game, nor was it up to the standards of Bayo 1. Remember, at least here in Norway, Nintendo wouldn’t let reviewers include the last part of Bayo 2 into the review. It was rushed.

    That said I LOVED Bayo 2.

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    1. Nahhh.. Bayo 2 >>> Bayo 1.
      I like the first game, but the combat feels a bit clunky in comparison; most of the bonus weapons feel completely useless. Not to mention all of the reused areas throughout the game. And the god-awful quicktime events, as well as questionable level design (burning town, the final tower level, the shmup level rising on a missile, the motorcycle level that never ends). Some of the boss fights are just annoying rather than fun or exhilarating. 2 has a much better pace and level design, while fixing all of the first game’s problems. The ONLY thing worse to me in 2 was the final boss. That’s it. But even that is still good. I really like 1, I’ve played it a ton, but it doesn’t even compare to the quality of 2. It’s a shame to see this guy leave Platinum, but hopefully he goes on to make more awesome games.

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