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Video: GameXplain Makes An In-Depth Analysis Of Super Mario Maker 2 Reveal Trailer

It is great to see that Nintendo has finally revealed that they have been working on a promising sequel to the ingenious and extremely entertaining Super Mario Maker on the Wii U, Now, Nintendo Switch owners will have the chance to play the improve sequel Super Mario Maker 2 in the summer. YouTube channel GameXplain who are known for their in-depth analysis videos have tackled the reveal trailer showcased last month. Take a look at their findings below which is 1 hour and 30 minutes.

9 thoughts on “Video: GameXplain Makes An In-Depth Analysis Of Super Mario Maker 2 Reveal Trailer”

    1. Yeah.

      Epic 1 hour and 30 minute video.

      I got to hand it to GameXplain for a great analysis and truly substantial content.

      I found it really satisfying to watch and didn’t mind GameXplain robbing me one and a half hours of my life.

      The proposed questions was really though-provoking and made me more excited for Super Mario Maker 2.

      1. Yeah lol I don’t even know how they found over an hour of content in a 2 minute video. Pretty awesome.

  1. I would like to see unlimited alternate areas. Also variables, dialog boxes, world maps. Permanent skins instead of losing it when you get hit.

    1. While I wouldn’t call it a free roaming game by any stretch it does have certain areas that are more open and allow for a bit of wandering around. There was a Savannah one I remember.

  2. With how much new stuff we know about from the trailer, and how much I’m sure we haven’t seen yet, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn Maker 2 began development less than a year after the original was released.

    I want this, and I want it now- I’m so hyped for it.

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