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Video: Nintendo Switch Online NES March 2019 Update Trailer

Nintendo has confirmed the next games that will be coming to the Nintendo Switch Online‘s NES library. On March 13th, gamers in western regions will be able to enjoy Kid Icarus and StarTropics. However, Japan’s update will be somewhat different. Japanese gamers will still get Kid Icarus, but StarTropics has been replaced with Yie Ar Kung-Fu and Fire Emblem. The North American/European and Japanese trailers can be seen down below.


  1. I think it’s about time they released the SNES app. Switch has been out 2 years now. It’s obviously coming, but why take so long.

    1. What better time to release their SNES games then during be their E3 presentation?

  2. boring… since x-mas day i wasnt anymore on the nintendo online (nes games). and now 2 new games i dont care.

  3. Actually cool to play StarTropics but I think it’s very unfair that we are getting less than Japan every month now for what I assume is roughly the same price.

  4. Too bad Ninty will likely never release an official translation for the Famcom’s Fire Emblem

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