Yuji Naka Says He’s Not A Fan Of Sonic’s Leaked Design From Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

Sonic the Hedgehog’s creator Yuji Naka took to Twitter on Tuesday to express his disappointment in the leaked promotional design of Sonic in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie. He clearly isn’t happy with the look of the iconic video game character and retweeted this reworked image by a concept artist for Tsume Art. Here’s what Mr. Naka had to say about the design of Sonic from the movie.

“If a poor directorial choice becomes a hot topic, then it could continue to damage Sonic’s IP,” Naka wrote. He added that the images could be fanmade and he’d like to see Sonic wearing gloves. Naka found it “shocking” that Sonic’s bare hands are white.

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      1. I’m REALLY getting sick of being a Troll magnet on this site.
        Can’t you people just get a life?


  1. That looks so much better! “But furry, white hands is so Sonic will be realistic!” He’s a fucking talking, walking on two legs hedgehog with hands instead of another pair of legs that can move at sonic speeds! Add the fucking gloves! And get rid of the obvious Nike product placement!

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    1. I know right, the white furry hands is such an odd design choice. If they wanted a gloveless Sonic they should’ve made his hands blue at least.

      That Nike product placement is pretty funny though. It’s like they know the movie will flop so they needed another way to make most of the money they spent on the movie back.

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  2. I knew things would eventually make a turn for the worse with this.
    Remember the Super Mario Bros. Movie from 1993 and how negatively criticized it was?
    Yeah, I believe the exact same thing will potentially happen here if changes are not made.

    Cartoonish/Non-human video game characters and Real Life designs never mix well with one another UNLESS it is done the right way.

    Honestly, should have just went with a CGI animated film like how he was designed in Wreck-It Ralph instead of shoving him into a silly Live Action.
    How the heck did they think people would react to this?

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  3. These movie companies are FUCKING STUPID! What did they think the target audience is? It’s obviously just Sonic/SEGA/retro fans and not ordinary people who don’t know games or play COD/Candy Crush all day. So why would you change Sonic so much that you upset the fanbase, the only potential viewers you have?! Same happened with Star Wars. Disney butchered the original concept so much that no Star Wars fan cares anymore about the movies.


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