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Splatoon 2 Has Been Updated To Version 4.5.1

Nintendo has released another update for Splatoon 2, the second one to release in the last few days. This one brings the game to version 4.5.1. Unlike the previous update, this one is very short. There were only two bug fixes made, and they were both related to an issue involving the game crashing in the Piranha Pit map when playing in Clam Blitz mode. The official patch notes can be seen down below.

  • Changes to Multiplayer
    • fixes an issue that would cause the game to crash when dropped clams would hit the ground in certain areas of the Piranha Pit map, in Clam Blitz mode.
  • List of changes
    • fixes an issue causing the game to crash when playing Clam Blitz on the Piranha Pit map. Until the update is released, this map will be unavailable in Turf War and League Battles. Do note that this particular issue can also occur in Private Battles, so it’s recommended to avoid choosing that map until the update is released.


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