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Video: Game History Secrets – “Nintendo Games That Were Almost Completely Different”

Did You Know Gaming? has released a new Game History Secrets episode, with Liam Robertson. In this video, “we talk about Nintendo games there almost completely different, including Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker, Project Hammer, Splatoon, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions. These games often started out in a different franchise, including Super Mario, Zelda, and even Pokemon”. Here’s the video.

4 thoughts on “Video: Game History Secrets – “Nintendo Games That Were Almost Completely Different””

    1. I guess I owe him too for these wonderful and interesting information.

      Awesome video!

      I wonder what became of Project H.A.M.M.E.R.

      I thought it really looked promising after getting a glimpse of it in 2006’s E3.

      They really dropped a bomb with that one.

  1. Wait shouldn’t the original animal crossing be in this it was originally plan to be an rpg that use real time clock I see the pocket camp part but I thought they would bring that up I think its interesting to see that they did reincarnated that idea into a mini game in amiibo festival

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