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Pokemon Detective Pikachu Team Tested Casting Danny DeVito

One of the early requests from fans for the upcoming Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie was the hope that Danny DeVito would be the voice of Detective Pikachu himself. As we now know, it was Ryan Reynolds who was eventually chosen by the team. It has been uncovered by Game Informer that Danny DeVito was actually trialed for the role by the production company. As the VFX producer explained to the site, the company took lines from a variety of actors past roles and added in early animation to the audio to see how it would all work together.“

“It was really very funny, so I couldn’t speak to all the reasons why it wasn’t Danny DeVito cast,” Baxter says. “I love Danny and some point maybe after the movie comes about, we can share those early tests. It’s absolutely hilarious.”

Boyter also offered up a strange, cryptic tease saying, “I can’t give away too much, but in terms of where the story goes and how it evolves, we had to sort of look at everything, including what fans weren’t seeing yet to make the decision. But that spirit of Danny DeVito, I promise you, is still inside of Pikachu.” When I said that sounds like a great quote for the movie’s poster, Boyter laughed and said, “By the way, Ryan would probably love that.”

– VFX producer Greg Baxter



  1. .

    Danny DeVito?

    I remember him as Batman’s nemesis The Penguin in the 1992 superhero film Batman Returns.

    I love his performance!

    I bet that he’d be the one to give life to Pikachu in the upcoming Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie if Ryan Reynolds hadn’t come along.

    With a solid resume, he’s definitely going to nail it.

    He’s a great guy for the job but I’m still in favor of Deadpool.

    The question is: who’s voice-acting Mr. Mime?

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  2. I was expecting them to say they tried to get DeVito but he had prior engagements; like the fact he was playing a role in the live action Dumbo movie.


    1. Oh & did they even do a casting call? Or did they hire Ryan because he’s a big name right now? I’m sure he’ll do great as Detective Pikachu (he’s doing good so far in the trailers right now,) but they could have given others at least a chance first before ultimately going with Reynolds. Who knows. Maybe they would have found someone that would have killed it & became a big star afterwards.


  3. HA! They had Danny DeVito recording and they DIDN’T go with him?! Hilarious
    Reynolds is ok tho, but DeVito would’ve been gold


  4. Wow I was wondering myself, don’t get me wrong Ryan is a great actor but Danny just sounds more like that tough, gruff Brooklyn, smartass detective alot like the actual video game detective pikachu sounds like if you guys played the game. Idk I’m sure Ryan is great but this pika is channeling too much Deadpool and is turned into a totally different pika then the one in the actual game itself. Either way so far I’m still hyped for the movie and hard at work creating my new display for PikaBug that will be on display at appearances I will be doing at theaters and conventions.


  5. I assume they mean that Pikachu is going to be revealed as the main kids dad or something that got transformed, hence why they couldn’t get DeVito for that part.


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