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Ubisoft E3 2019 Press Conference Happening 10th June

Ubisoft has announced the date for their annual E3 press conference and this year it will be held on Monday, 10th of June. The conference will begin at 1pm PT/ 9pm UK time. We will all be crossing our fingers for some interesting Nintendo Switch games, especially another collaboration with Nintendo. So far we have had, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and Starlink: Battle for Atlas Star Fox content. We shall wait and see what happens!

4 thoughts on “Ubisoft E3 2019 Press Conference Happening 10th June”

  1. I wonder if they’ll finally announce Assassin’s Creed V or if it’ll just be another subtitle game. Has Ubisoft said anything about if they were done doing numbered titles? If not, they need to release an AC5 soon. Otherwise, we’re gonna have a KH3 of Assassin’s Creed on our hands where they have to shove a bunch of side game stuff into a main game entry to tie them into the main story & thus probably damage the main story as they’ll have to tie all of this side stuff together.

      1. I’d assume because of the fact they aren’t numbered entries which is why I asked if Ubisoft said they were done with using numbers. I haven’t gotten around to playing them yet, so I don’t know if they follow the same formula as the numbered entries and the 2nd & 3rd Ezio games do. Unity & Syndicate only used cutscenes for the modern times stuff; it’s probably safe to say Rogue does it, too. So I assumed Origins & Odyssey follow the same pattern. If I’m wrong & Origins and Odyssey do the same as every other game (except Liberation which I assume also only uses cutscenes for the modern times stuff as well,) I’ll have to change my stance.

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