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Video: Yacht Club Games Published Cyber Shadow – Announcement Trailer

Nintendo of America has lifted the lid on Cyber Shadows which is developed by Mechanical Head Studios and published by Shovel Knight creators Yacht Club Games. It is a retro-themed ninja-based action game which is coming to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. There’s no set release date, but Nintendo of America has said in the video description that it is scheduled to be release soon

Why Cyber Shadow? What is Yacht Club’s role?

“We reached out to Aarne two years ago about being involved with Cyber Shadow. He’d been developing it on his own for years with no intention of going with a publisher – but YCG was the only team he’d ever consider to help him hone his creation. Aarne described Cyber Shadow to us as an NES-style game that had the level design principles of Mario, the skills and action of Ninja Gaiden, the enemy designs of Contra, and the dark visual aesthetic of Batman. What we played was a brilliantly elevated take on classic ninja action. After 6 years and 5 Shovel Knight games, YCG has become associated with authentic 8-bit fun, and we were confident we could use our experience and expertise to take Cyber Shadow to the next level. Shovel Knight and Cyber Shadow are both destined to present the trials of NES games without the tribulations!”

“In this way, the game became a bit of a codevelopment. YCG is handling the marketing, porting, business side, and typical roles of a publisher so Aarne can focus on the core game development. Additionally, we’re also deeply involved in giving design feedback, imparting our lessons from developing the Shovel Knight saga so Aarne can create the best version of his game possible.”

“As we polish Cyber Shadow, the gameplay, action, and set pieces continue to come together in exciting new ways. Will think this will be a game that’s really special, and we can’t wait for everyone to give it a try!”



  1. With YCG helping with the development, I’m sure that this game will be as polished as Shovel Knight.

  2. For some reason the first thing that came to my mind was Hagane. Looking forward to see where this one goes.

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