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Wolfenstein: Youngblood Coming To Nintendo Switch 26th July

Bethesda has announced today that Wolfenstein: Youngblood is coming to the Nintendo Switch platform this summer. It will be available at both retail and on the Nintendo Switch eShop on the 26th of July, which is the very same date that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions arrive, which is nice! Here are the details direct from the team over at Besthesda :

Welcome to the 1980s. BJ Blazkowicz is missing. His last-known whereabouts: Nazi-occupied Paris. The only ones who can find him are his twin daughters, Jess and Soph Blazkowicz—and no Nazi scum are gonna stand in their way. Liberate Paris from the Nazi threat as you search for your father in the first open-ended co-op adventure in the series, either with a friend or an AI companion.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood releases on July 26, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. With the Wolfenstein: Youngblood Deluxe Edition you’ll receive the Buddy Pass so you can invite a friend to join the Reich-stomping fun—even if they don’t own the game! The Deluxe Edition also includes the Cyborg Skin Pack, decking out the Blazkowicz sisters in titanium allow versions of their Power Suits, guns, combat knives, and hatchets. Learn more about the Deluxe Edition and Buddy Pass:

Thanks to paidenthusiast for the news tip!


  1. Well, they’ve stuck to what they said and releasing on all formats at the same time.
    Hopefully they’ll do the same with doom eternal

  2. Huh… Let’s see how it runs first…
    If it runs like DOOM on release – Hard pass for me

    1. I didn’t think doom was too bad apart from some audio probs, but they did some big patches.

  3. This is a must buy. I’ll be getting it for switch and probably for my PS or XBox also just in case it doesn’t run right at the start on switch.

  4. will the entire physical game be on the cartridge this time or is this another half physical/half digital release?

  5. Let me replay missions regularly. I shouldn’t have to do decoding to replay missions.

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