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Minecraft Team Removes References To Minecraft Creator Notch

Markus Persson, who is best known as Notch, is the original creator of Minecraft. His company Mojang was purchased by Microsoft in November 2014 for a staggering $2.5 billion. However, Notch is now known for his controversial views on a number of topics and for posting inflammatory comments on social media. Today, it has been discovered that references of Markus Persson / Notch have now been removed from Minecraft by Mojang and Microsoft, but his name remains in the credit sequence.


Thanks to zalabardsi for the update!

31 thoughts on “Minecraft Team Removes References To Minecraft Creator Notch”

  1. Personally I love white heterosexuals. Without them, I wouldn’t have been born into this world full of diverse and beautiful people.

    Glad they did this while I was considering an Xbox One. I think I’ll pass on giving my money to a company that supports disgusting hate groups who hate me for the color of my skin and hate my parents for being parents.

    1. That’s great, but Notch isn’t under fire for being a “white heterosexual”.
      He’s been flirting with antisemetic and other types of conspiracy theories.
      He’s been transphobic to the point of going against current medical research.
      He seems oddly hesitant to denounce fascism.

      This is not about his “identity”, people hate him because of the things he says.

      Besides, it’s great that you love white heterosexuals, but they aren’t the only people who can have babies – and a lot of other groups who can are often shunned or discriminated against for doing so (trans men who kept their uterus and vagina come to mind), or flat-out aren’t allowed to care for a child together because of the laws in their country. Equating the word “parent” with heterosexual people is pretty fucked up if you ask me.

    2. Why would you ever get an Xbox one? Xbox has no games. Just generic shooters, acquired IPs they almost never touch, a Star wars Kinect game not even my brother who is a die hard Star wars fan likes, and a Yugioh puzzle game that probably doesn’t even have all the good characters/monsters unlike Falsebound kingdom. If you want to play Minecraft so badly, play it on the Switch.

      1. I agree. There’s absolutely no reason to get an Xbox at all when the only games they get are literally every major third party multiplat. They don’t have enough games locked to their platform that only I can play, so it’s not worth looking at imo.

    3. I think my original reply to this wasn’t approved, which is fair, I got a little angry and used inappropriate words.

      So let me try to say this differently.

      We don’t hate Notch for being a “white heterosexual”. We hate him because of the things he says. Transphobic statements to the point of going against current medical research, flirting with racist/antisemetic conspiracy theories, to name a few.

      Also, equating “parents” with “straight people” is pretty messed up, considering they are by no means the only type of person who can have children. Sperm banks exist, trans men who kept their reproductive organs exist. And those are typically the people who are shunned or outright forbidden (depending on the country they live in) from having or adopting children.
      As long as those things are true, I find it hard to take your sob story about straight people being under attack seriously.

    4. I looked up the transphobic claims and I agree that one of the results I found was either transphobic or uninformed.

      Though I still think Mojang should’ve just ignored the twatter drama. Now kids are gonna be looking this up like I did and getting exposed to this toxicity. There’s a reason I avoid twatter and it’s because I like being emotionally and mentally healthy.

    5. In this day and age it’s becoming actually offensive if you’re a straight white man. They say racism against white people doesn’t exist, but I’m seeing more and more people becoming mad if your physical appearance doesn’t match with anything that is labeled as progressive.

  2. Why?
    That’s like if Stan Lee had differing opinions from the rest of Marvel, they just remove him and his name from the comics.

    This is just pretty stupid to be honest as many people in the Minecraft community wouldn’t even know Notch has a Twitter, some don’t even know he made the game. It’s pretty pointless.

    1. Counter question: Why not?
      If most people in the company disagree with him vehemently and don’t like him anymore at all, why couldn’t they say “Screw this dude” and remove him? It’s not like he’s going to have financial problems because of this.

  3. =b the funniest part of his Twitter is all the people using it to say why America fails and it’s capitalist routes causes problems and all he has to do is reply, “I’m Swedish” XD

  4. Notch has been on a political rampage lately, and some of it isn’t just kinda shitty, it’s actively worrying. I can see why they’d want to do this. Not just for the sake of PR, but just because… Well, I wouldn’t want anything to do with Notch either.

    1. Can you please elaborate? I’m just asking, I’m pretty curious. I’m following his twitter acc, and I strongly disagree with his attitude towards trans people, but besides that, I don’t see any antisemitism or straight up hate speech. Maybe I’m missing something, that’s why I’m asking.

      1. He positively responded to a Tweet that said “be careful of what you say or (((they))) will silence you”. If you aren’t aware, the ((())) thing is something white nationalists use to signify they are talking about Jewish people. Go to Wikipedia and look up “Triple parentheses”.

        Now, that one could be explained by ignorance.
        However, he also said something along the lines of “If we were allowed to talk about IQ differences between populations, there would be less conspiraciy theories” in response to a Tweet asking him “Do you love Jewish people?”, possibly in response to the previous interaction. If you’re not familiar with the “IQ” thing, it’s a race realist talking point. Race realism is a self-proclaimed branch of “science” which tries to suggest that actually, black people are doing worse than white people because they are inferior biologically.

        I understand none of this is conclusive and can be explained away individually, but that’s why I said “Flirting with conspiracy theories”, and I feel pretty confident in wording it like that.

      2. He said something about punch a commie and punching Nazis later as apparently wanting to punch a commie makes you a Nazi =b

    2. Thank you for your time explaining. Although It really does look a little bit alarming, I’m still trying to give him a benefit of a doubt and just assume that he didn’t really mean any harm in this regard.

      However, as I stated previously, his attitude towards trans people is something that I’m really not a fan of, but I still respect him as an incredible programmer (not only because of Minecraft, I also watched his streams with live programming and he’s really really good).

      So I guess he’s in the middle ground in my view. But I’ll keep a closer eye on his tweets, it’s pretty interesting. Also thanks for the explanation about ((())) and race-based IQ topic, I had absolutely no idea about any of that.

  5. I like how people think white people are the only racist people when its absolutely not true, every race is racist whether its towards each other or other groups like how Mexicans cry about white people being racist while they themselves are being racist towards anyone below the country like them being racist towards South Americans.

    Anyways, I think its good they removed someone controversial, doesn’t matter the color of their skin.

  6. If Notch is a believer of this QAnon crap I’m hearing about, I won’t waste my time defending the guy. While I do believe the SJW crowd is getting just as toxic as the other side of the fence, to suggest that EVERY liberal is this way and/or evil is just asinine. (For this guy’s sake, I really hope he’s just shitposting and doesn’t actually believe any of this crap. If he does, I feel sorry for any of his Twitter followers that get sucked into believing it, too.)

  7. @My Nintendo News Admin
    Could you remove my first comment? As my angry replies pointed out, I wasn’t well informed when I made that comment and it’s just upsetting people with my misinformation.

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