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Video: Shovel Knight: King Of Cards Gameplay

Footage has emerged of the upcoming Shovel Knight: King Of Cards which is playable at this week’s PAX East event. As you know, the game was delayed in order for the team to deliver the experience we all expect from such an accomplished studio as Yacht Club Games. Have a watch of nine minutes of King Knight’s campaign footage!

2 thoughts on “Video: Shovel Knight: King Of Cards Gameplay”

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    I have faith that this game is going to be a blast, especially with how long its been in the oven for.

    I don’t mind the delay.

    The community has nothing but trust and respect for Yacht Club Games.

    And thanks for the gameplay footage.

    Hope to see this release soon!

  2. These level designs aren’t looking too great so far, especially for the awful delay. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see how I like it.

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