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Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Ed Boon Says That Mortal Kombat 11 Will Run At 60fps On The Nintendo Switch

Mortal Kombat 11‘s release is almost here. One of the people preparing for the big day is Mortal Kombat co-creator Ed Boon. Game Informer challenged Boon to answer 166 rapid-fire questions. According to Boon, Mortal Kombat 11 will run at 60fps on the Nintendo Switch. After this question was asked, Boon was asked how the Switch version of the game is looking. Boon says that it is “looking good” The game is not going to have any blurry backgrounds.



  1. If you look into it, the engine the game runs on makes sense the switch would handle it.

    Now it could depend on how heavy the textures are and their compression tools for the cartridge. Unless they make you download patches etc. Of course there’s more factors into it.

    Im confident with this game I already pre odered it despite the odd controversy it got.

      1. That bother a lot of people, me including. One can play as a male character, but if I look at the female characters, I think if those are men in women‘s clothes. And don‘t tell me that women can‘t be pretty if we have good looking men in this game. If you pander for one side, you should do it for the other. Oh and by the way, if they say that people need to be protected all of a sudden in such kind of games like NLS did, why is Kano or Baraka almost naked? Hypocrite much?

      1. lol It’s a shame those with a negative opinion are quickly slammed for being a troll, racist, misogynist, etc these days. Have you kept count with how many times people called you a troll, Sid, on here?

    1. Sonya Blade’s design is an insult to Ronda Rousey who is a lot more attractive than that design. I find it funny these people talk about toxic masculinity yet they want female characters to look & act masculine instead of feminine. lol Idjits.

      1. Althought Im on the side of the controversy where I think the art design is being hypocritical, I have no problem with Sonya. I feel like Sonya looks her age in the game and thats why she looks like that. Specially if you count someone who has fought like she has. But I do understand where you are coming from.

    2. Scarlett is a fox! Or are you just salty that none of them are dressed like whores anymore?

      1. It’s stupid to call them whores for wearing skimpy outfits. Since they are kicking ass in these outfits instead of actually having s.e.x. with lots of guys like a whore would do, they aren’t actually whores. Does that mean women at beaches in bikinis, supermodels in lingerie at fashion shows, & wives that wear sexy lingerie or outfits for their husbands for s.e.x. night are whores now? Sounds retarded to me.

        Speaking of Skarlet, her redesign makes the least amount of sense since her power absorbs blood through her skin to increase said power. It’s in her best interest to have as much skin exposed as possible. The more blood that splatters onto her body for her skin to absorb, the better.

  2. A friend of mine told me the best way to port games to the Switch is to do it with UE3… Even though it supports UE4 quite well.

    I know that’s what happened with Paladins, Smyte and maybe Wareframe.

    Could that be what these guys are doing with MK11?

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