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Super Mario Odyssey Is Getting A Theater Mode That Allows You To Rewatch The Game’s Cutscenes With The Labo VR Goggles

The official Super Mario Odyssey Twitter account has revealed a new mode that is coming to the game when the Labo VR update releases on April 24th. According to their tweet, “a Theater Mode will be added to the game, in which players can view cutscenes such as the game’s opening with added depth. You’ll specifically be using the Toy-Con VR Goggles here”. The tweet is down below.


  1. Wow can`t belive there adding a mode that should have been in the game at launch this game is like 2 years old something a little more interesting like filters or some neat hint art would have been better than this

      1. I’m not even talking about the vr mode I’m talking about the theater mode something that should have been implented since launch, even games like ultimate and star allies have this mode

      1. Because it’s cruel.

        Why rewatch something that made me upset the first time around.

        Would you rewatch Shark Tale, Norm of the North, Tentacolino, The Emoji Movie, or Minions if you ever made the mistake of watching them the first time around?

  2. Theater Mode needs to be a thing for all games these days for those that might want to just enjoy the cutscenes of a game. It’d especially be useful for when a new game comes out in a franchise and you want to hurry up & play the new entry without having to replay past games.

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