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Disney Says That They Want To Bring Disney+ To The Nintendo Switch & Discussions Are Still Ongoing At This Time

Disney‘s video streaming service, Disney+, is on the way sometime this year. The home of Mickey Mouse held a video presentation to investors today, revealing that they plan to bring Disney+ to as many platforms as possible, including video gaming consoles. At this time, only the Playstation 4 is confirmed. Disney says that they also want to bring the service to the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, but discussions are still ongoing for the time being.


17 thoughts on “Disney Says That They Want To Bring Disney+ To The Nintendo Switch & Discussions Are Still Ongoing At This Time”

    1. If Disney would do that, every Nintendo game would be infested with SJW propaganda. No more Mario jumping on turtles. No more male Link. No more perma-death in Fire Emblem.

  1. Pass. For the most part I’m done with Disney. The guy took credit for a milestone he didn’t actually achieve. That’s enough for me to drop my support. Besides, what movies do they have this year that isn’t a remake or a sequel no one asked for? I don’t remember asking them to fuck up Aladdin by trying to remake it without Robin Williams.

    1. I mean, it’s also gonna have their entire movie line, not just the new ones. Plus they’ve got some pretty good cartoons that I think they’re putting on the service as qwll

  2. I should check & see if there are plans to bring it to Samsung SmarTVs. If not, I’ll have to get it on my PS4 instead. As long as it’s got the classics I love, the first 6 Star Wars, & a majority of the MCU, I’ll be content with it. (Wish it wasn’t just relegated to the family friendly stuff, though. If we had ALL of Fox’s properties (R rating movies) included, it’d be perfect. Least Hulu is still free… (for now..!)

      1. Most likely.

        Unrelated but the other day I was thinking of the animated movie Anastasia, which I loved as a child but sadly only saw once (maybe twice.) I remember how many people would always mistake it for a Disney movie. Well they won’t be mistaken anymore since, technically, they do own it now as it was a Fox animated movie and we all know Disney owns Fox now.

  3. I love this console but my god, the soy levels are reaching unexpected levels.

    All joke aside, I see Disney’s relationship with nintendo is getting better as time goes by which neans more games like Marvel Alliance right?

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