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Nintendo UK Store Reveals Super Mario Maker 2 Pre-order Bonuses

We’ve got a brand new Super Mario Maker game heading exclusively to the Nintendo Switch in June and it is clearly going to be a hot product as the first game on the now defunct Wii U was excellent fun. The Nintendo UK Store has announced the pre-order bonuses for those who purchase Super Mario Maker 2 for the Nintendo Switch physically from the Nintendo UK Store. You can either opt to pay £49.99 for Super Mario Maker 2 which comes with a free Carpenters Pad and Pencil Set or splash the cash and get the Super Mario Maker 2 + Diorama Set which is £10 more. Take a look at both below!

Super Mario Maker 2 + free Carpenters Pad and Pencil Set £49.99
Super Mario Maker 2 + free Diorama Set £59.99

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