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Nintendo Shares Infographic Of Yoshi’s Nearly 30 Years Of Starring Roles

Yoshi has always been one of Nintendo’s most recognizable characters. The iconic green dinosaur made his debut back in 1990 via Super Mario World, which means he’s been around for nearly three decades! To celebrate this long-running career, Nintendo has put together the above infographic that highlights some of Yoshi’s starring roles over the years. His latest outing, Yoshi’s Crafted World, was recently released for Nintendo Switch – so be sure to check it out!


  1. I know it won’t happen but I’d love it if they revealed an awesome enhanced, extended version of Super Mario World with all new locations to explore after you beat Bowser and Star Road at E3 this year that will release in 2020 in honor of Yoshi’s first appearance for Yoshi’s 30th Anniversary. I’ll even take the GBA version of Super Mario World in HD!

  2. A bit better than the Mario list. The Mario list missed a ton, this one only missed a few.

  3. Can his introduction in Super Mario World really be considered a starring role? He comes back for the same role in New Super Mario Bros Wii and that’s not listed here.

    1. Yes.

      1. Yoshi was a major mechanic in the game.
      2. You could take him to another level (unlike Sunshine where you could only use Yoshi for the level you found him in.)
      3. It’s his introduction.
      4. He’s part of the game’s end credits.
      5. The first world you start on is Yoshi’s Island.
      6. The first level you can potentially do in the game has Yoshi at the beginning of the level.
      7. His house is the starting point of the game.
      8. He’s in the game’s title screen cinematic.

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