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Starlink: Battle For Atlas Crimson Moon Update Due 30th April With Paid Star Fox Content – $11.99

The big content update for Starlink: Battle for Atlas, which is titled Crimson Moon, finally has a release date. You can expect it on your Nintendo Switch system on 30th April. There will also be new Star Fox downloadable content for you to immerse yourselves in and that will cost you $11.99. Here’s the details direct from the team at Ubisoft as well as a new trailer:

Crimson Moon Update

As part of the free update, players can explore the Crimson Moon, theater of the Outlaw Games. Players will be able to compete in all-new single-player and two-player split-screen racing tracks, fight waves of ruthless enemies in the Crimson Coliseum and see their rank and stats on leaderboards. The Crimson Moon will also impact the entire world of Atlas and let players engage with new faction story missions and weekly challenges. Additionally, players will be able to expand their roster and play through the new Crimson Moon content with five new pilots, three new starships and eleven new weapons available separately for digital-only purchase.

Star Fox Downloadable Content

Alongside the Crimson Moon update, prepare to take control of the Star Fox team members Peppy, Falco and Slippy in brand-new content coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch. Hunt down the Star Wolf team in a series of missions with the help of three new Star Fox team pilots, each with their own unique special ability and skill tree. The new Star Fox content will be available separately for digital-only purchase for $11.99 on Nintendo Switch beginning April 30, 2019.

13 thoughts on “Starlink: Battle For Atlas Crimson Moon Update Due 30th April With Paid Star Fox Content – $11.99”

    1. I like the above comment, but I can not log in to this site on my phone for the life of me.
      I can make posts by entering passwords etc all the god dam time.
      Is it just me or is this happening to others?

    1. It’s def an underrated game.
      If you’ve managed to hold off from getting this at release and have picked it up when discounted it’s a pretty good buy.
      There’s tons to do if u want to see every nook and cranny and it’ll last hrs and hrs.

  1. I bought the pack with all the DLC on sale partly because I heard this was coming. But after playing for a bit I’m wondering if the whole game is just fetch quests?

    I bought it a little before Smash cape out and haven’t played it since. I did however buy Hollow Knight on sale and almost have that beaten. (Fantastic game!)

    1. I believe this was their original plan was to build the base game and then expand on that with more and more content. Potentially new star systems, new pilots, ships, weapons, etc. When the toys to life aspect failed to sale as well as the much cheaper digital content they cancelled the toys to life portion. Time will tell if they continue to expand on the Atlas franchise.

  2. So the content looks decent and the $11.99 price for “Starfox Team DLC” seems okay. BUT is this DLC what the Crimson Moon expansion is? There were also five additional pilots shown, and historically you have paid per pilot, per ship, and per weapon, so I don’t see this being any different. If you get all of this content for $12 then it seems a no-brainer, but I see this content potentially adding up to another $50 if you want the “Deluxe” experience with everything.

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