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Digital Foundry Video: Final Fantasy X / X2- HD And Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

Digital Foundry have provided a detailed tech analysis of both Final Fantasy X / X2- HD and Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age. The impression that they have come away with is that the Nintendo Switch port of Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is reasonably decent and worth your time if you haven’t played the original. Both games are currently available at retail and on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Here’s a quick rundown of the details discussed in the video thanks to Reset Era member, Dancrane212:

Final Fantasy X:

  • Switch Docked – 1080p @ 30FPS
  • Switch Handheld – 720p @30FPS
  • Xbox One – 1080p @ 30FPS
  • Xbox One X – 4k @ 30FPS

Final Fantasy XII:

  • Switch Docked – 864p @ 30FPS
  • Switch Handheld – 576p @30FPS
  • Xbox One – 1080p @ 30FPS
  • Xbox One X – 1080p @ 60FPS



  1. I’m not normally a resolution or a framerate hound, but why would I bother with an hd remake that can’t do 1080, must less one that’s too cheap to have a physical release?

    Shoot, if we’re talking 576p, why not just play the original? There’s not much difference at that point.

    Maybe I’m just tired of having purchased every classic Square game at least twice at this point.

    1. *remaster
      and its using effects like Bokeh DoF, high quality lighting engine, for example tht can b taxing on GPU power. Like Octopath traveler using Boken, high quality AO, post effects, special effects, etc.
      Go back and watch this remaster vid from DF when it covered PS4 and PS4 Pro; thy stated the advance techniques tht was added in this remaster.

  2. I’m very excited to try this game for the first time with all the reported gameplay improvements. Somehow I skipped over XII back in the day. Went from X to XIII on PS3.

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