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Nintendo Switch Online: NES Games For May 2019 Revealed By Official Site

The latest batch of Nintendo Entertainment System games for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers have been revealed on the official Nintendo website. This month subscribers can look forward to the classic Donkey Kong Jr, Clu Clu Land, and VS. Excitebike.

  • Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Clu Clu Land
  • VS. Excitebike



  1. GAAAY switch online is still a joke. I don’t care if its 20 dollars quality over quantity

    1. It amazes me how people consistently make this statement when 95% of the time the free games on PS+ for the month are as uninteresting or less.

    2. It’s worth it for Tetris 99 alone, everything else is just a bonus haha

  2. This is the worst bunch so far. None of these games is anything more than a 5 minute try out for me. I’ve played the NES games for 10 hours according to my Switch and that is almost entirely for Zelda 2 and StarTropics which I gave good goes at, everything else has been a quick try and move on. I just don’t have any connection to the NES as I never had one so the SNES, N64 and so on can’t come soon enough. Feels like it could be years though.

    1. I didn’t grow up with them ether but I think there’s still lots of fun to be had.

  3. Still more nes games… so silly.
    We don’t want more NES games.. do we have them on 11 different consoles now?

    1. Only if you modded every major console.
      Excluding the ROMs in Donkey Kong 64 and Animal Crossing, only the GBA, Wii, Wii U, Switch and NES Classic had NES ROMs. Which is only four consoles and a handheld.
      And, of course, you could also play NES games on a Nintendo Entertainment System.

  4. I wouldn’t mind some more third party games. Mega Man any number, Final Fantasy any number, Adventure Island, Crystalis, even Ninja Turtles.
    Unfortunately the Disney Capcom games are not going to happen. HoweverEarthbound Zero is possible and would be cool.

  5. It’s funny, people go on about how this is justified because of the much lower price point but yet really most of the “free” stuff you get PS Plus isn’t anything special either. I’ve been a PS Plus Member for ages now and the best I can say I’ve gotten from it is a few neat discounts on DLC and some games. Any of the free games are pretty much uninteresting.

    1. In PS Plus I get games I’ve overseen or would like to try, but they were to expensive at first. This are games, older than me. And if you wanted to play them, you could with nintendo classics. So don’t compare this two services, even if you don’t like all of the PS Plus games (which is stupid) you have to see, that they’re just more worth it. I mean: For Honor, Hirman, Soma, Steep, Bulletstorm, Friday, Destiny 2. This are just the Games from the last 6-7 months.

      I don’t want to have the top newest switch titles for free, but SNES, N64 and GameCube would be so nice. NES is just dead for the most of us.

      1. +Huntsman
        I wasn’t comparing them, my entire comment was about why people shouldn’t compare them.
        And all those games you listed are shooters which aside from Splatoon I honestly don’t like so from my perspective, PS Plus could be a lot better.

      2. Actually, correction, not all those games are shooters but all the others are also in genres I dislike.

  6. I’m not excited for this batch. I’m still waiting for obvious choices like Castlevania and Simon’s Quest, to possible out-there picks like Crash & the Boys or even Ufouria: The Saga.

    Or, better yet, let’s start getting some SNES games on the thing at least. I’d love to be able to play Earthbound or Super Metroid or DKC 1-3 anywhere I want.

  7. Never watched this video, I predicted Super Mario World at #1! And LITERALLY just as I was typing this, Super Mario World was #2? I’m actually surprised by WatchMojo this time! After that though I knew a Zelda game was #1 and I’m not surprised by that at all! Also no Kirby Super Star? Not even an honorable mention? And I would but the whole Super Nintendo DK Country trilogy in 1 spot! Again, only the Super Nintendo ones, for anyone who misread that!

  8. This feeling in my chest is brutal, to consider DKC anything but a top 3 game let alone the best game on the system. Then again, I realize I’m on the outside looking in when it comes to Zelda. I do like Link to the Past, but it never had that feeling of pure joy, awesomeness from literal minute 1. That, and it has one of the best overall soundtracks ever. Visually the game was stunning back then, and it still holds up well today with a very good art style.

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