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The Switch Version Of Devil May Cry 1 Will Be Digital-Only Worldwide

If you plan to get the Nintendo Switch version of the first Devil May Cry game, which was announced today, there is something that you need to know. According to the official UK and US pages for the game, “this product is only available as a download. There are no plans to release a physical edition”. The Switch version is a worldwide release, but this release will only be a digital one.

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  1. This is some BULLSHIT!! Not because of the “ONLINE ONLY”. But why is SWITCH getting only DMC & not DMC HD COLLECTION!!!

    I won’t be getting this, thx alot CRAPCOM!!

    1. To be fair, any version of the HD collection (aside from PS3) sucks with DMC1 because it removes some graphical effects (like motion blur when Dante moves fast). PS3 version kept this, but not 360. PS4, Xbone, and PC ports of HD collection are based on the 360 version. If they ported HD collection to Switch, it’d probably be the inferior 360 version again. Hopefully this solo release is either from the ground up, or based on the PS3 version.

  2. Capcom will never learn, this is why I don’t even with this company anymore. Dragon’s Dogma and that Beat em up collection were the last 2 games I bought from them and the second one I had to import from playasia just to get it physically.
    Their RE Switch and MM collections are half assed cash grab efforts and their single port releases for switch are even worse. If you own a switch you should know by now that Capcom will never show the same support for a Nintendo platform as they do for ps4 so don’t ever expect anything good from any future switch announcements from this company when it comes to their larger IPs.

    1. I meant “this is why I don’t even bother”, I could have sworn I typed the word “bother” in my comment.


  3. I am kind of baffled by people’s reaction here. Yes Capcom has not been behaving well for a few generations, but really ? Any of you expected an old game that would leave more than half a cartridge empty to be released physically ?
    You’re aware by first Devil May Cry, they mean the PS2 game ?
    I’m not surprised nor shocked on this one. I’m more shocked about full price Re-releases mh…

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