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The Switch Version Of Bubsy: Paws On Fire! Has Been Delayed To This Summer

Just about every version of Bubsy: Paws On Fire is ready to go. There is only one exception. Publisher Accolade and developer Choice Provisions have announced that the Switch version of the game has been delayed to “this summer”. The reason for this is to “allow a bit more time for final adjustments”. The Switch version was supposed to be released with the PC and Playstation 4 versions on May 16th. The PC and PS4 release dates have not changed.



  1. It’s almost like relying on a meme for your brand and using Kickstarter to fund said brand is terrible idea! Who knew?!

  2. And no one will even notice or care when it does release…. well at least no gamer that has reasonable standards for the games they play that is.

    1. Seriously though, how the hell did this crappy ass franchise get rebooted when far superior IPs like Shinobi are nowhere to be seen?!

      1. I’m sorry your Shinobi (owned by SEGA, another company) isn’t relevant in 2019, but at least Bubsy is trying to not-suck these days (since Woolies Strike Back is considered to be actually decent).

        Too bad this game is an auto-runner, as opposed to a more polished platformer.

  3. Yeah……millions of people can’t wait to play this masterpiece….the suspense is killing us…((sarcasm))

  4. This just allows time for people to see reviews of the other versions and just not buy it on Switch. Also, $25 on PS4? Really? Do they realize Bubsy’s reputation? No way is he worth more than $10 (and that is being VERY generous).

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