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Golbat And Gardevoir Were Almost In The Detective Pikachu Movie

Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit, writers for the Detective Pikachu movie, recently spoke to ComicBook about two Pokemon that were almost in the movie, but were removed from the film’s final cut. According to Hernandez, “For a while, we had a cool sequence with a Golbat that I really liked. That was a really cool sequence that just didn’t quite make it to the end of the process.”

Later, Samit talked about Gardevoir, saying that “Gardevoir had a cool moment. There were so many different, all the different drafts along the way…Truth be told, our favorite, we’re happy that our favorite did make it in and that is Psyduck. Truly on day 1 our first meeting on this project it was before Psyduck was involved with it and we came in and I think the first thing we said to the producers was, ‘Psyduck needs to be in this movie, needs to be Lucy’s Pokemon partner and he will be the comedic breakout character”.



  1. Gardevoir would be really cool!

    However glad they kept psyduck reminds me of the original anime in season 1 with misty and psyduck.

  2. How dare they leave out Gardevoir. It is one of my favorite psychic/fairy pokemon along with Tapu Lele.

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