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PSP Remake Of Star Ocean Being Revamped And Coming To Nintendo Switch

Degenki Online has revealed that the PSP remake of the original Star Ocean game is being revamped and is destined for the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4. The game is titled Star Ocean First Departure R and more information will be announced by Square Enix at a later date. For now, Reset Era member ggx2ac has summarised the Japanese article. Here’s the details:

  • Star Ocean first released for the Super Famicom in 1996.
  • A PSP remake of Star Ocean released in 2007 called Star Ocean First Departure.
  • That remake is now going to be remastered(?) in HD and will be released on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 titled as Star Ocean First Departure R.
  • Release date and additional information to be announced in the future.

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  1. Looked at some gameplay and it seems very repetitive kinda… If someone played the game – How is the story ? Does the gameplay change a bit or is it just hack & slash?

    1. My dude this is a RPG game. Unless I got the memo late on them changing star ocean into a hack n slash.

    2. Any RPG will get repetitive in combat. But I’ve played the (translated) Super Famicom version and the combat plays out quick and smooth. It’s not hack and slash though, you select an attack and your character runs to the nearest, or selected, enemy to execute the move.

      As for the story, think Final Fantasy meets Star Trek meets something else altogether. I don’t want to spoil the story, but it’s good.

      1. Oh, ok my bad. I looked at some gameplay earlier and it didn’t seem like he input any commands at all so I thought it was a hack & slash. Story seemed interesting from your explanation – Might look out for the game if it seems interesting afterwards.
        – Thank you for your time :)

  2. I’ll definitely be getting this. I have played a couple of hours into the Super Famicom version and would definitely be interested in a mobile version.

      1. I’M TALKING ABOUT THE SWITCH!!! In case you didn’t know, the Switch has a HANDHELD Mode!

      2. Mobile doesn’t mean phone, nerd. It means portable. Mobile phones are called mobile because you can move with them. They’re portable. The Switch is also mobile. He clearly was referring to the Switch version, which is discussed in the article. Also, what a dumb thing to say anyway. “You aint a real gamer if you use a phone”. So you don’t have a cell phone? I know homeless people with iPhone 10s and Galaxy S10s. Everyone uses phones. And even if you just meant if you GAME on a phone (which isn’t what you said), I don’t know ANY gamer who doesn’t play at least some shit on their phones. Everyone does. Even the hardest of hardcore gamers have played something on their phone while on the throne dropping one. Don’t act like that isn’t true.

  3. If they are bringing both So1 and So2 remakes to switch, easy buy for me despite the franchise being meh after the 3rd game.

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