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Amazon UK: Dummy Placeholders For 14 Switch Games, 2 Switch Accessories, 1 3DS Game & A Switch Console Have Appeared

GameStop is not the only place that is making preparations for E3 2019. Amazon is also getting ready. In fact, it has been discovered that some Nintendo dummy placeholders have appeared on Amazon UK’s website. There are 14 placeholders for Switch software, 2 placeholders for Switch accessories, 1 placeholder for 3DS software and even a placeholder for a Switch console. This is now the second time that a Switch console listing has appeared in the last few days. You can see the tweets that relayed the news down below.


    1. That would be nice. And since I will not believe in the Switch Mini until I see it, an Animal Crossing bundle makes sense.

    2. Its gonna be that or mario maker 2 or luigi manison bundle, but it’s most likely animal crossing because they did get a bundle tradmark last year they got a lot of stuff tradmark in the beginging of 2018 for a new game tho

    1. Because people are still buying them and enjoy the system? I dont think a single 3DS release is going to somehow hurt the Switch.

  1. Surprise us with a new Advance Wars on the 3DS and I’d buy that, though I much rather see it on the Switch with good online play. And of course ANIMAL CROSSING! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease

  2. I can’t comprehend what the 3DS game would be. I thought they finished adding first party games in 2017.

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