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A “Legacy Edition” Of FIFA 20 Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

The first E3 2019 events take place today, thanks to an EA Play live stream and a trio of Nintendo tournaments. EA has just made their first official game announcement of the day, and it is coming to the Nintendo Switch. FIFA 20 has been confirmed, but there is a catch. The Nintendo Switch version of the game will be a “Legacy Edition”. It will release alongside the worldwide launch of the PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions on September 27th.



      1. Fact is, I’ve got FIFA 18 on Switch, which is a fine game that fulfills the job of being a half-decent football game I can play on the go. I didn’t need FIFA 19, and I don’t need FIFA 20. It’s a very different market to the kind of people you get on PS4/Xbone who will just buy every year’s version without question, hence they’re going to get diminishing returns and they can’t be bothered.


    1. A “Legacy Edition” of FIFA in the past has entailed a pure roster update without any other changes or additions to the game.
      They’ve taken the existing game, FIFA 19 in this case, and altered the database of players to match the current season.

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  1. The Switch has outsold the competition in most territories. They have no excuse now, its their game and not the console. EA has always been full of shit, even more than that other thrash called Konami.

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      1. Yes, and what they say is that the Switch is selling better in the US per month because everyone and their mother already owns a PS4/XB1 there. But that doesn’t mean the Switch has *outsold* them, not by a long shot. It has outsold both the PS4 and XB1 in Japan, but that’s about it.


      2. Actually, thinking about it, I believe I’m wrong on one thing, the Switch probably did outsell the XB1 in other territories. But that’s not very surpring considering it’s, well, the XB1. lmao


  2. I mean, if we are going to be real here, the switch is underpowered compared to all of the other systems. I’m not saying that’s why EA continues to put worse versions of FIFA on the console, as I don’t really know, but games are sometimes worse performance wise on the switch. A more powerful switch would be a welcome addition for me.

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  3. It’s EA why are people surprised. They have not been good since 2005. They are the definition of dumb and evil. Don’t pretend like they didn’t publish the awful game Anthem lol.


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  4. I wish Konami would come to nintendo switch, shame on you ea sports, you can keep your game for yourselves. Had high hopes these but guess, this is ea

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