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Limited Run Games: Turok & Turok 2 Seeds Of Evil Physical Editions For Nintendo Switch

The Limited Run Games E3 event is taking place right now and the company has announced that Turok and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil will both be treated to physical releases on the Nintendo Switch. The HD remasters of the classic Nintendo 64 games will be available in physical form later this year.


  1. Cool, I’m not much of a FPS guy, but I have such find memories of the Turok games, I’ll probably try to pick both of these up.
    I remember in Turok 2 when I was using a sniper scope on an enemy, he waved before cloaking.

  2. Honestly, Turok 1, 2, & 3 deserve proper “remakes” that update the graphics and fix any 90s era problems with 3D games and even add a bit more story to the game while changing little to nothing else.

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