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Contra Rogue Corps Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch On September 24th

A new Contra game is on the way. Contra Rogue Corps has been announced for the Nintendo Switch, and it is coming on September 24th. The news was announced in the Nintendo E3 2019 Direct. The official tweet is down below.


  1. Not gonna lie… those graphics look SO last gen.
    I thought it was a port to a game people forgot even existed it looked that dated.

  2. The graphics looked a bit rough, although it did clearly say that the footage was not final. Looked pretty fun though and great to have another classic series getting a new game on Switch. There was a lot of love for older gamers in this direct

  3. OMG
    No… why not a classical Contra?
    like the ps2 game.
    this games from the top nobody likes them and there are also not good.
    is that a wii game?

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