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NES Games Update Version 2.6.0 Games Now Live

The latest version of the NES games app on the Nintendo Switch is now available. The update brings the application to Version 2.6.0 and adds new games for subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online service. The games available today are City Connection, Double Dragon 2, Volleyball and a special version of Twinbee. Take a look if you are a subscriber.


  1. I like how nintendo is listening to fan on certain things, but could they at least pay attention NSO service too NES games are cool but they are kinda also short most games can either take a day a or a few hours to beat

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  2. As much as we all want SNES and N64 games on the Switch, there is still a big selection of NES games available to release. I just wish we could start getting some Mega Man, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.

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