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Zelda Producer Confirms Breath Of Wild Sequel Will “Revisit That Hyrule Again”

The next installment of The Legend of Zelda series was unveiled briefly yesterday during the Nintendo Direct presentation and it is a sequel to the acclaimed Breath of the Wild. Speaking to Game Informer the game’s producer Eiji Aonuma has confirmed that you will revisit a changed version of Hyrule which is based on the one you explored in the last game.

“One of the reasons we wanted to create a continuation was because I wanted to revisit that Hyrule again and use that world again, while incorporating new gameplay and new story.”


13 thoughts on “Zelda Producer Confirms Breath Of Wild Sequel Will “Revisit That Hyrule Again””

  1. Very economical for them, but like I said in another post, I don’t know how they’re expecting to pull it off and make it interesting. The overly huge, relatively empty map was a big point of contention with the first game. Are they going to revisit the Korok Seeds (I hope not)? There’s a possibility that this sequel will feel more like a DLC/expansion pack thing, rather than a properly new game. I was disappointed as soon as I realized it was a sequel, but I hope they pull it off.

    1. I do agree with you. The Champion’s Ballad DLC was an incredible letdown for me since it did not really feel right to pay that much money for a few extra cutscenes and more boring dungeons with a frankly boring boss. I love Zelda games but I fear that this sequel will feel closer to a Witcher 3 DLC… or not even that considering that Blood and Wine gave you a whole new region to explore.

  2. It could be a Hyrule rebuilt as the current one is still full of ruins and possibly as this game looks a lot darker maybe a dark world version of Hyrule like link to the past.
    That would be huuuuge!

  3. I hope they get rid of the shrines. The shrines we’re pretty neat, for a while, but got it got tiresome seeing them over and over again. I hope they make it so that you might find a cave that would trigger a loading screen and would take you to a unique area that functions more as a natural extension to the overworld. I would also like to see story delivered through sidequests and weapon descriptions. I’m sure Aonuma wanted to do so much more in the first game than what was present.

  4. If they can keep the overall layout of BotW’s Hyrule while also making it feel fresh with “new” locations while still letting you go to a spot & realize “Hey! I recognize this place from the last game! Yet it also feels like this is my first time being here because of how much has changed!”, I’d love it if they kept this design of Hyrule for future games to keep some continuity because, aside from Link Between Worlds, Hyrule’s design, layout, & size has been all over the place.

  5. I loved everything about BotW. Loved the shrines, loved the lack of RPG-style text/story-based quests in favor of more free environmental exploration (not emptiness, the environment IS the game), loved the weapon system, loved that the story was very hands off, loved the physics and puzzles, the Koroks, the just laid back climb, run, search, prod, find cycle. It is my favorite game of all time and its not even close. I know not everyone like the more open air, few NPC style, but that is exactly what I love, so, ya know, love and respect.

    If they take this formula and add some things that I love about older Zelda games (Large dungeons reimagined to be more open and less linear just as the overworld was reimagined in BotW, unique bosses but actually difficult and more free form unlike OoT bosses onward, a more impactful story while still being nonliner, new, exciting items or runes) then this game will absolutely melt my heart.

    Also, not sure what this quote actually means. “Revisit that Hyrule” and “use that world” may not mean the same overworld map, so I don’t want to jump to that conclusion. It can mean a lot of things, including a dark or past or different warped version of the world, or simply the same universe, characters, some locations, etc. I personally hope for the latter, but I absolutely trust this team and know they will knock it out of the park again!

    Also also, if this does mean the geography is being reused to some extent, they have hinted at much of this game being underground (underworld is another term for dungeons in Zelda’s past, hmmmmm….) and I’m sure they are committed to not just making this feel like a reskin of another game even in that case. Remember, the engine is what took so long last time, so that’s what they primarily need to keep around.

  6. Man I just hope we get more than 11 enemies. For how vast the game is, I’m surprised we didnt get LikeLikes of all enemies!

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