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Mega Evolutions And Z-Moves Not In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Famitsu has confirmed what many had thought – Mega Evolution and Z-Moves won’t be featured in the upcoming Pokemon title for the Nintendo Switch. The site states that Dynamax is the new addition this time round. Pokemon Sword & Shield is available on 15th November.

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20 thoughts on “Mega Evolutions And Z-Moves Not In Pokemon Sword & Shield”

    1. Great news. Would be weird if everyone could mega evolve, x move, primal evolve, dynamax, gigantamax, etc in one battle. Would really make things crazy.

      I am not a fan of both mega evolution and Z-moves. While mega evolution was really cool and interesting, it destroyed game balance, and only certain Pokémon got it. (Why not flygon??)

      Z-moves were the absolute worst though. I hope they are gone for good.

      I can’t say what dynamax will be like and don’t have the experience so I can’t give my input on it.

        1. But… Megas (and Z moves) were the last stupid attention grabbing gimmicks before this stupid attention grabbing gimmick.
          How about we just have no stupid attention grabbing gimmicks?

        2. I think they would limit to using either one per battle with no way to combine though it would be interesting to see if they could implement it in the future as a sort of special battle for their version of the battle tower and online. I’m kinda bummed that they are not in the game but maybe in a future update for post-game.

      1. They’re also making alot of old Pokemon straight up available. Theyre downsizing the entire franchise.

        1. Ofc, there were Pokémon that just downright dominated the competitive play.
          I hope I never see a Garchomp, Mega-Gardevoir a Primal evolution, a Tapu or UB ever again.

            1. Oh yeah, def. I was just scratching the bottom of the barrel.
              And tbh, I’m fine with the game not including every single one of the 822 Pokémon.

            2. If balancing is an issue just ban those Pokemon around rulesets, or done make Pokemon that are broken in the first place. The idea of them straight up removing Pokemon is absurd. And atm thisll be the only mainline Pokemon game that I won’t be playing. They fucking destroyed my hype for this game .

          1. Was to be expected. Mega Evolutions were cool but I never liked the idea of them because I felt like it should be every Pokémon capable (which would’ve been impossible) or none at all so I don’t think they should ever have done them. Z moves are kind of still around with the max moves but they weren’t that great anyway. Would honestly just prefer the base battle system without any of these extras but I guess they have to add something to it every time to make it different.

          2. Wasn’t really concerned about megas and z moves, but the fact you can’t have any Pokémon in Sword and Shield even through Pokemon Home has made me quit my preorder. Been playing ever since I was a toddler and these games will be my first I’ll ever skip out on. Fuck you Gamefreak.

          3. Yeah i wasn’t worry about Z-moves and Mega evolution in the game since they added a new feature in the new generation. Besides, i have no plans to pre-order the game anyway.

          4. The only thing bad about the loss of Mega Evolutions is the fact they made some of the less impressive looking Pokemon that had them interesting and made me actually want to use those Pokemon. Like Garchomp, for instance. I even gave them a nickname because of it’s mega evolution where originally I would have just let it go by it’s actual Pokemon name and stuffed it into the PC to never pull it out again (unless I needed an HM slave, that is.)

            1. I hope they don’t completely abandon the Mega Evolution & the Primal designs, though. I’d be okay with them returning as simply alternate “outfits” for the Pokemon that had them. Or better yet, reintroduce them as actual permanent evolutions. Since Sun/Moon introduced evolving Legendary Pokemon, it wouldn’t be out of place for Mewtwo, Groudon, Kyogre, & Rayquaza to suddenly have permanent evolutions in a future game.

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