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Nintendo Talks Luigi And The Female Audience

One big Nintendo Switch title which was showcased during the Nintendo Direct is the long-awaited Luigi’s Mansion 3. Eurogamer had the chance to chat with Nintendo of America’s, Bill Trinen after the Direct. One thing which Bill revealed to the site was that Mario’s brother Luigi continues to be a big hit with the ladies. This was proved via undisputed player research!

Nintendo had very high hopes for this third entry in the series. 3DS game Luigi’s Mansion 2 (known as Dark Moon in the US) sold well on 3DS – it shifted some 6m copies – and had appealed both to hardcore Nintendo fans and a strong wider audience.

Also, Trinen said, Nintendo’s own player research showed Luigi was a particularly attractive lead character to a female audience. Take that, Mario.


15 thoughts on “Nintendo Talks Luigi And The Female Audience”

  1. Well he’s tall, lean, goal oriented, loves animals, has a well-kempt mustache, and isn’t shy of showing his emotions.
    Sounds like a catch to me, especially over his blank slate brother…

    …also Mario Tennis says he’s got a massive dong soooo…

  2. “Luigi And The Female Audience”

    Daisy as a playable and major supporting character in the Luigi’s Mansion series?

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