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Rumor: Zant Is Returning In Breath Of The Wild 2

It’s most likely going to be a while before we hear any substantial news regarding the recently-announced sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. But that’s not going to stop fans from coming up with their own theories of all sorts. A number of Zelda fans are adamant that Zant will have some type of a role in the upcoming game, based on its E3 2019 reveal trailer, which is said to include a few hidden notes that represent Zant’s theme from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Read on below for an excerpt from a lengthy fan theory about this topic:

In trying to figure out which Ganondorf remains the corpse was supposed to be I cross referenced the position all other Ganondorfs die in and none of them die like that. You know who does do that though? ZANT. He does that EXACT pose a LOT. Another possibility is that the hand we see is Zant’s hand! We’ve never seen them because they’re covered by his sleeves. I saw people speculate that the wispy green lights were likely from Midna or at the very least originated from the Twilight realm, but I didn’t want to believe it because the twili’s colour is turquoise not green, but honestly the colour teeters a lot in Twilight Princess itself so I think after doing all this Zant research i’m more eager to believe it. That being said it’s also possible the hand belongs to Midna or a descendant of hers and rather than aiding in the revival of Ganondorf’s corpse, she is trying to stop it. Either is possible. Another thing to note is that the markings on the wall resemble the symbols you see in the twilight realm as well.



  1. Gotta say, I’m not a fan of these kind of more spekulative news you’ve been uploading lately. First, it doesn’t feel like real news and secondly, if it IS true it would be a major spoiler me and probably lots of people wouldn’t want to know.

    If you’re gonna keep doing these kind of ”news”, please hide them behind a title like ”Rumor: Fan favorite character might returnfor BotW sequel. POTENTIAL SPOILER!”

  2. Zant died in the realm of twilight, the notion that his body would randomly be hyrule of an entirely different timeline is absolutely insane to insinuate

    1. What’s funny about this. If you translate the text it clearly says “bind gannon” so other than the garudo gear, the red hair, the crown…..its clearly ganandorf. But what’s funny about the Zant comment. Zant broke ganandorfs neck in twilight princess. What dues this mummy do? Snap its neck back into place, which gannon was never sealed back? The one from twilight princess. Which one was stabbed in the chest? Twilight princess. So we may see zant….but probably not. But it dues appear to be the gannanon from twilight princess

  3. To add to this, Breath of the Wild was compatible with the Twilight Princess HD amiibo that would allow wolf link to be a companion to Link in Breath of the Wild. This means that the Twilight Wolf is canon within Breath of the Wild.

    1. Amiibo arent’s Canon, there is a connectivity with TP for monetary purpose: sell more TP HD.

    2. All Zelda is cannon to botw. Botw takes place after a convergence of the timelines. Their is a clip in the game where Zelda talks about the three timelines as if they were one, yet also names the different hero’s. Botw was a sort of series reboot, but every older game is still cannon by the timelines merging.

      1. I agree with you but in regards to the scene you mentioned, zelda only mentions skyward sword, ocarina of time and twilight princess, all of which are linear and not in separate timelines, while a convergence may be possible i think it purely takes place in the child timeline

  4. Zelda seals Ganon away with her true power at the end of the game. I don’t think its Ganondorf’s corpse in the trailer. i think its somebody else is corpse. :/

      1. You mean like how Ganon was sealed away “For now” during the end credits of Ocarina of Time, and has broken out, only to be sealed away again multiple times in every timeline?

        You can’t definitively exclude Ganon, but Zelda sealing him away only “For now” is proof of nothing in any particular time frame. This form of Ganon in this timeline could show up again in The Legend of Zelda: The Cheesecake of Destiny, coming to all Nintendo platforms summer 2045.

    1. its definitely ganandorf, if you translate the green text coming from the arm. its says “seal gannon” ….so yea its definitely him

    2. It says “Seal Ganon” in Gerudo text, not Bind Ganon. Other than that you are right about ghost Zant being a jerk to Ganondorf at the end of Twilight princess. Zant could be a mini boss as a ghost character near the Rito village, but other than that, I’d say we could sooner see Majora’s Wrath make an appearance in the game.

  5. Watch the trailer again and pay close attention to the jewelry the corpse is wearing. It’s Ganondorf.

  6. You know…. There is a quest in botw where you have to find the missing pieces for this circular object that looks very similar to the twilight portal. The npc says “Its has a very… spiritual aura to it. Do you feel it?” and “This stone monument was once much larger, but it broke apart during a earthquake a while back.” And “If you really wanna help, help me find the missing fragments, will you? They’ll be scattered all around”. Not saying that this means it takes place in the twilight line/world. But i guess this might not be too far off.

    1. Are your referring to the twilight mirror? Did you play Twilight Princess? Doesn’t look like it, because then you would know, why it can never, ever be the twilight mirror.

      1. Yes. I have played tp 5 times. Once on the gamecube, twice on the wii and twice on the wii u. And it is still very much possible its the twilight portal. Yes, it is true that “The Mirror of Twilight was made so that only the true ruler of the Twilight Realm would be able to completely shatter it” (Midna breaking the portal after the credits. But she also says that it was the goddess’s “design” that they should meet. So its possible that (if the lore somehow plays out like this) if it was fate for them to meet again, then theres probably another way, which might be what the trailer was saying…unlikely but maybe ik.. And no one has confirmed that was the only way to the twilight realm, its just the mirror was the only known way. Or you could say that botw took place before tp.. Many ways.

  7. BOTW is already 10,000 years into the future after an event that happened hundreds of years later after the last known game. So in the meantime Ganondorf had time to return to life dozens of times in each branch before we reach the legend of BOTW.

  8. I absolutely can’t wait for this. I get urges to play BoTW every now and again but get bored within 15 minutes because I have everything but the koroks completed, but I don’t feel like restarting the game either.

  9. These so-called game theorists are most of the time (if not all of the time) full of shit, ignoring and spinning given facts, so their silly theories can sound a little, tiny bit logical and believable.🙄
    He “cross referenced” the position of every Ganondorf’s die. Too bad, we don’t even know, if all stories between Link, Zelda and Ganondorf already have been told (extremely unlikely). For god’s sake, there is already a giant gap of 10.000 years before the events in BotW.

  10. What about the necklace the corpse have with Gerudo markings? And the chair/throne the corpse is on also has Gerudo markings.

  11. My suspicion is that there will be no returning villain from any game other than Ganon/dorf. Nintendo has never been interested in using a new Zelda game to further explore the backstory of a specific previous Zelda game. The whole series, sure; they’ve made at least 3 games that claimed at the time to be the first in the series. But almost never specific games. The only exception I can think of is OoT and ALttP; ALttP introduces the idea of Sages, and then OoT actually introduces you to the original Sages many years earlier. But since then, the Sages have kind of become recurring Zelda tropes rather than anything with real continuity from game-to-game, so in retrospect even that doesn’t seem like a direct reexploration.

  12. What do you mean, ‘which ganondorf’? Every Ganondorf is the same person as is every Ganon. Plus, there is a Ganondorf that dies in that way: TWILIGHT PRINCESS GANONDORF. Notice the gaping chest wound, snapped neck, and sharp tusk-like teeth, traits all three of which are shared with the ganondorf of Twilight Princess.

    While the hand is quite possibly made of Twili magic, there’s nothing to suggest Zant’s back since he was utterly annihilated and likely has no following to resurrect him.

    1. LttP-NES timeline Ganon also died. I’m failing to remember what happened at the end of WW. Is Toon Link the slacker of the bunch?

      1. Link sealed away Ganondorf by stabbing the Mastersword in Ganondorf’s forehead (and remains embedded in his head), then the sea that was being held back comes crashing down leaving Ganondorf & Mastersword at the bottom of the sea.

        1. Ganondorf/Ganon/Demise needs to stay dead in that timeline. Use that timeline for new villains with no connection to Demise. In fact, use that timeline to introduce new villains that are on the same level of power as Demise/Ganon/Ganondorf. As for the adult “failed” timeline, that needs to stay strictly as Ganon’s timeline where Ganondorf no longer exists in any shape or form and it’s only Ganon time and time again. As for the child timeline, that can be an amalgamation of the failed & successful timelines while also keeping Ganondorf as a thing. If BotW2 does introduce Ganondorf, I’m gonna consider BotW & BotW2 as part of the child timeline til Nintendo comes out & straight up says it’s either part of the failed, successful, or a fused timeline.

    1. …apparently not even after I provide the best explanation. I should remember to leave the idiots alone.

    2. I didn’t notice it til now but that is the Gerudo symbol on the, I want to say, throne that the “corpse” is sitting on. That & the jewel on his head is more evidence that it’s Ganondorf to me. *watches rest of video*

    3. I didn’t notice it til now but that is the Gerudo symbol on the, I want to say, throne that the corpse is sitting on. That & the jewel on his head is more evidence that it’s Ganondorf to me. Now to finish the video.

      (Let’s see if this gets blocked?)

      1. LOL Have patience… but I totally get it. As for Ganondorf, hell yes, the original. That would be awesome.

    4. It’s gonna be so awesome if that is OoT Ganondorf & not FSA Ganondorf. That’s OG fucking Ganondorf if so! Ugh! I can’t wait til we get more information from the dev team making BotW2. Hopefully they do have a specific timeline in mind with this one which would retroactively put BotW into the same timeline.

  13. I don’t get why every time a game comes out people jump to THE TWILI ARE COMING BACK. Last time people thought Vah Medoh was a friggin portal because of placement and the fact it was so zoomed out it wasn’t distinguishable.

    The hand is more than likely Ancient Sheikah in origin. The bracelet does not look like twili runes im as they are much more geometrical and asymmetrical. Look at a guardian or Ancient Sheikah tech in general and the patterns look closer to their style.

    As for the music thing? Nintendo does a lot of referencing to other titles. I mean, Groose’s theme in Skyward Sword is just the Pirate’s music from Wind Waker remixed. It’s not uncommon for Nintendo to do this which is why I can’t understand why some similarities in the music are taken as proof or hard evidence. This is a sequel as well and the twili didn’t exist in the original game. Plus, let’s be honest, BotW in general had many, many references to all timelines.

  14. I have no idea why after over 30 years, Nintendo would suddenly start making Zelda games significantly interconnected. It doesn’t sound like a Nintendo design choice *at all*. If they were to bring back a villain though, I vote for Vaati. Won’t happen, because he was created by Capcom and Nintendo have an ego the size of Gusty Garden Galaxy, but as the series’ villains go Vaati makes the most sense for a return.

  15. Speculations and theories are all well & good but don’t take them with 100% certainty because they are just speculations & theories at the end of the day. Game Theory even mentions how their theories are done for fun and shouldn’t be taken as 100% fact even if some of their theories do feel like they could be true.

    That said, I doubt it’s Zant. BotW takes place 10k years into the future of Hyrule. There is no telling how many more times Ganon/Ganondorf came back to try (and fail) to take over or destroy Hyrule.

  16. Imagining that this is Ganon (not stupid Zant) being resurrected, this makes me SO much excited for BOTW2. I hated that dumb Calamity Ganon. That name (or even what it was) never made sense to me.

    So let me guess. Even though this will be a direct sequel to BOTW, Link will suddenly have none of his weapons etc., then have to find them all over again, eh? In every game that’s a direct sequel, I always wonder “WHERE ARE ALL OF THEIR ITEMS AND WEAPONS?”. And in Zelda sequels, “WHERE’S ALL OF LINK’s HEART CONTAINERS?”.

  17. To be honest, the hand colour looks more like the Light Spirits from Twilight Princess, with the light blues that fade into white.
    I’d say Zant’s return is unlikely, as I think he would only be suitable for Twilight Princess’ theme.

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