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Japan: Nintendo Co., Ltd., Creatures Inc. & Game Freak Co., Ltd. Have Filed A Trademark For Pokemon Home

There have been a bunch of Pokemon announcements in the past few weeks, so it’s no surprise that the companies involved with Pokemon have been filing quite a few trademarks lately. For example, Nintendo Co., Ltd., Creatures Inc. and Game Freak Co., Ltd have filed a trademark in Japan for Pokemon Home. The companies gave multiple reasons for wanting this trademark, including “downloadable video game program, downloadable program for smartphone, game cards, plush dolls, and for the planning and operation of game competitions “.



  1. “operation of game competitions”

    I’m starting to wonder if Pokemon Home might do more than just storing and trading. I still don’t like and understand that you can’t transfer non-Galar Pokemon to SS, but what if Home was kind of its own game that lets you battle others? It would be weird if they started to limit the Pokemon altogether starting with SS, because then there’d be Pokemon that you can only transfer to specific generations to play with them, that just doesn’t make any sense to me.

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